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John Ernst Steinbeck was a  very famous American writer. He was born in California in 1902.He was of German, Irish and English descent (=původ).  His father, John Ernst Steinbeck came from Germany and he worked as a treasurer (=pokladník) in Monterey County. His mother, Olive Hamilton came from Ireland and she worked as a school teacher before their wedding.  His family wasn t too rich  so he had to help in farming. After his studies of high school he worked as pastry cook (=cukrář) but not for a long time. He worked in this profession only one year. After that he started to study at Stanford University. He dedicated his time especially to English literature and history but also biology at this University. He stopped out (=přerušit studium) his studies and he returned to the farm. He wanted to get acquainted (=seznámit se), or to see (=vidět) the life of peasants (=rolník z nižších tříd) or farmers. . He did n graduate at Stanford University. He did n t want to have a degree a university(= univerzitní hodnost). He finished his studies in 1926.

He worked in diferrent jobs until the time when he became a writer. He worked in many interesting jobs for example as a picker of sheep (=sběrač ovcí?) or as a workman and he worked in other  places, too. Steinbeck spent much of his life in Monterey County. (=hrabství) This place appeared (=vyskytovat se) very often in his writings. He liked this environment. (=prostředí).

He won the Nobel prize in 1962 and he was a holder (=držitel) of Pulitzer prize which he gained(receive = obdržet, získat) in 1940.

 He traveled almost whole his life. He visited lots of interesting places. He lived some times in New York and he died in this city in 1968. During the second world war he worked as a reporter.


I would like to say something about his works. His books were about people from poor environment. There are common people mostly peasants. He described in his works, the epoch of crisis. He  emphatized with others because he was with them for a long time. He knew which problems the people must solve (=řešit). He decribed only poverty, tribulation (duševní trápení) and  bad life of poor people in his books , but he didn t write give any about some solutions (=řešení problému).

The novel ,,About mice and people“ written by a American famous writer is set in periods of American crisis of thirtieth.  This book deals with two workmen, who are travelling together and they try hard to find a place, where they could earn some money. Their names are Lennie Small and John Milton. They are of  a diferent nature (=povaha člověka) and thinking. Lennie Small is mentally retarded. His was of thinking we could compare to thinking of a small child. Lennie was raised (=byl vychován) by his aunt and she asked her friend called John Milton to continue this custody (=opatrovnictví) ahter her death. John Milton is a very clever, hard working and selfless man.

Lennie is very hard working, too and he is a good-natured person (= dobrák). He does everything what somebody tells him. He loves when he can strike (=hladit) everything with his hand but he doesn t t realize how streng he is.


They come to a ranch in Soledado and both of them dream about a new life. They don t know nevertheless (=avšak) what all they will live through (zažít) in next days. They want to earn money and they get acquianted with a typicall life of farm. During their work at the farm a lot of things and events happen. Their dream comes to the end  because Lennie  kills accidentally  because of (=kvůli) his strenght,  the wife of one of the main men at farm. Lennie runs away but John finds him out and  kills him. He kills his own friend. It s a very unhappy story.


John Ernst Steinbeck describes a situation when the human dream can be destroyed.very quickly in one minute. This story is about friendships and love. He writes about their importance.

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