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Otázka: Ken Kesey

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Terka0097



Ken Kesey was an American writer. When he was young he worked like volunteer in highly secret military program at the Mento park veterans hospital. There he worked as a night aid. The project studied the effects of psychoactive drugs on people. In hospital he spoke with patients who were under the influence of drugs. His experiences with drugs inspired him to write One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest.


One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest is novel about man Randle Patrick ,,Mac” McMurphy who did a delict and he doesn’t want spend time in classic prison. So he simulates a psychical breakdown and hi is relegating to sanatorium. There works nurse Ratched who is different than he. There are two big and different personalities meet. Mac McMurphy gets to know with next patients in sanatorium and he becomes popular. Big roles in this story play two figures excepting Ratched. It’s role of Billy and Chief. McMurphy sees some therapeutic methods. He wants show his friends a different life than they had in sanatorium. For example he stole a trip bus and took them on a fishing boat to catch fishes. Or he organized a basketball mach. Chief helped him with trip and mach. He also helped him when he struggled with supervisors. When they waiting for electro shocking (because they struggled with supervisors) Mac finds Chief isn’t deaf and mute (what everybody think) and Chief agrees he leaves sanatorium with Mac. One night Mac bribed supervisor and invited to sanatorium a women visit, because he wanted leave the sanatorium this night. Women brought some alcohol. They celebrated all night and when come morning all slept. When Miss Ratched arrive to sanatorium at the morning, she saw what happened at night. When she fined Billy and Candy (one of girls who were invited to sanatorium) in one bed (the other patients applauded) she told Billy that she said it his mother. Billy was horrified and he killed himself. When it saw Murphy he started choke Miss Ratched, but supervisors helped her. Murphy disappeared on some time, but when he came back it isn’t Mac but only his shadow, Chief who saw him came in this night killed him because he didn’t want let Mac in sanatorium in this state. And Chief escaped sanatorium alone.


This story was filmed by Miloš Forman – one of the most famous Czech and world directors who live in USA. This film received five Academy Awards (Oscar) – Big five. Next his famous films are Amadeus, Goya’s Ghosts and next.

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