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Otázka: Lifestyle

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Přidal(a): Kateřina K.


What is lifestyle?

  • The way how we live.
  • Connection of our activities, things we like, or we sympathize with, our opinions, habits, reactions to problems and much more…
  • It can be affected by our age, education, financial situation, or place where we live. We can be also influenced by some person or even a group of people. In this way it is really connected with social media nowadays.


Present lifestyle

  • Now I am going to tell you something more about present types of the lifestyle…


  • Hard to talk about mainstream lifestyle because we don´t live the same
  • Two things:
    1. Our lives are closely connected with modernization and technologies. The fact is, that the minority of us need to use technologies during nearly every activity we do.
      • Examples: step counter while we are running, kitchen appliances while we are cooking…
    2. The second thing, that I found common to all of us is, that we are always hurrying. Most of us want to be always productive and catch up on as many duties as possible. We are expected to try our best all the time and most of the population have forgotten how to do nothing without the regrets.



  • Health: One of the trends is living healthy. We, as a people, have noticed, that our health affect also our mood in positive way. Moreover, when we live healthy, we look good, and we feel more self-confident. In combination with the fact, that we are doing something for ourselves, it is quite common that people are trying to stay fit.
    • How the healthy lifestyle looks like?
      • balanced food
      • some physical activity
      • enough sleep
      • drinking enough (not much alcohol 🙂
      • no smoking cigarettes or taking drugs
    • We also shouldn´t be stressed-out because it is unhealthy too.
      • Healthy lifestyle is associated with self-care
    • Diets
      • It hardly ever works, and it can affect our health badly.
    • To sum up, healthy lifestyle consists of healthy food, drinking a lot, sport, sleep, and psychical stability.
  • Social media
    • I have already mentioned technologies and how they form our lives, but now I want to focus more on social sites and their influences on us.
    • They don´t really form our lifestyle, but they give us inspiration in a good but also in a bad way.
    • People tend to follow trends and live like somebody else do.
  • Workaholism:
    • When somebody is working nearly all the time, he/she is called workaholic.
    • Sometimes it is caused by the fact, that he/she is really interested in his/her job
      • The job is also a hobby.
    • Problem is, when the person is not that much interested in the job and his/her workaholism is caused by human trait.
      • Some of the people are perfectionists and they are not able to finish their work before they are satisfied with that.
    • Another reason for workaholism is, that some people want to have more and more money.
    • To summarise, when you tend to be a workaholic, it is important to find a balance and learn how to get the priorities right.
  • Travelling
    • Travelling is one of the top key features nowadays. Most of the people like travelling. We can explore the world only with our backpack or we can pay for a luxurious apartment and enjoy for example wellness. No matter which way we choose, we can try a lot of the new things and it help us to meet new people.
  • Family
    • Our lifestyle is affected by our families.
    • At least they brought us up, which is a really big influence on us.
    • We are in contact with our families for most of the time.
    • They should support us, and we should support each of them. We learn new things from other members of our families, and we influence each other’s opinions.
  • Place where we live & political system
    • We live different than people 50 years ago.
    • Connected with a place (state) where we live.
    • Without freedom we wouldn’t ‘t be able to change our lifestyle that easily
  • Stereotypes
    • Not all the people try to enjoy their life that much as it is possible. Some people are just bored and demotivated.
    • They don´t have any big goal or at least hobbies.
    • These people want just to sit home, then get up, go to work, make some money to survive, go back home and then again.
    • My opinion is, that these people need some motivation or inspiration for trying new things.
      • Sometimes they are demotivated because their job, because they don´t earn enough money or because anything else.
      • The thing is, that they should go out of their comfort zone. They usually don´t believe, that it could help and that is the biggest problem of theirs.
    • Addictions
      • Addictions relate to the stereotypes. People, who don´t have a goal or anything to live for can easily fall into addiction. Then their lifestyle starts to change quickly, and it is hard to get off it.
      • People can be addicted on social medias, alcohol, computer games, but also for example on sugar.
      • Every addiction can cause psychical and also physical problems.
    • Ecology
      • Ecology belongs to the most mentioned topics nowadays. At least some people are trying to produce less waste, recycle, upcycle the things and simply live more sustainable. There are several ways how we can live “greener”:
      • Recycling
      • Reusing and upcycling, which means buying things from second hands, trying to repair things instead of buying new.
      • “Smart shopping” – trying to thing if we really need to buy things can avoid being that much consuming society.
        • Shopping in small local shops instead of big companies, which don´t respect ecological factors.
        • Trying to use reusable materials and buying things without package.
      • Ecological lifestyle also includes participating in activities and groups, which helps to tidy the planet or shares the information about ecology.
      • Veganism and vegetarianism
        • As a vegan we call person, who doesn´t eat or use animal products (milk, eggs, meat, leather). Most of them also
        • As a vegetarian we call people, who doesn´t eat meat (sometimes except the fish)
        • Eating meat and animal products daily is also not ecological. Vegetarians and vegans usually don´t eat meat and animal products because of the ecological and ethical reason or because they want to eat healthier.



  • Don’t want to generalize, in each comparison I will talk about majority of the people.


  • Village – less stressful, everybody knows each other, better relationship with nature
  • City – faster and more stressful, more anonymous, some people don’t spend time in nature



  • Younger – student groups, active, very motivated, open minded, more partying
  • Older – usually working people or pensioners, low percentage is interested in sport, fall into stereotype, conservative, peaceful lifestyle



  • Athletes
  • IT specialists
  • Students
  • Pensioners
  • Depends on the job
  • Officers
  • Doctors
  • Physically demanding jobs


Predictions about the future

  • New lifestyle connected with artificial intelligence
  • Bigger dependence on technologies
  • I hope that the stereotypes will diminish, and people will become more self-motivated
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