London – maturitní otázka z angličtiny [13]



Otázka: London

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Matěj L.



London is the capital city of United Kingdom. It lies on the river Thames and almost 7 million people live there and about 12 million in its conurbation. It includes city of London and 32 boroughs. London is the seat of the Monarch, the Parliament and the Government.


The Prime Meridian of the world runs across Greenwich in the east of London.


London has traditionaly industries (furniture making, chemical and food industries) The prime economic importance of modern London is as a financial and commercial centre.  22% of the world’s financial transactions take place in London. The London Stock Exchange is the biggest in the world.

London is also an important centre of the gold, silver and platinum trade. More than 50% cargo shipping and air transport is also centred in London. After World War II. was London made as a centre of the art trade.


The river Thames is one of the best port in the world. There are five airports in London. The largest of them is Heathrow in the west and Gatwick in the south. It is also the most significant highway and  railway junction in the British Isles.

The quickest and cheapest way to get around central London is by underground, often called the ,,tube“. The London’s underground is though to be the world’s oldest. It is 420km long and it operates 273 stations on 10 lines. It transports about 800million passangers a year.

Typical is also red double-deckers buses and black taxis.


TOWER OF LONDON – tales of torture [torčr] and treasure make it the capital’s top tourist attraction. Till the 16th century it was a royal home, a prison, an execution site or observatory. Now it is a museum, where they are exposed to the Crown Jewels [dživiels].

Next to the Tower stands Tower Bridge – the most famous bridge in London.


The largest and best-known church of the city is St. Paul’s Cathedral. It has seen many important occassions – the wedding of Prince Charles and Diana. Britain’s heroes are buried there.


Buckingham Palace is the home of the kings and queens of Great Britain. It was built in 1703. Outside Buckinham Palace the changing of the Guard takes place.


Next large part of the city is Westminster. There have The Houses of Parliament in Westminster. The Houses of Parliament are the political centre of the UK. They were rebuilt in the Neo-Gothic style in 1840.


And about 100metres above  the Parliament´the clock tower called Big Ben, but Big Ben is not really the name of the clock, it is the name of the bell.


And the latest monument is the London Eye. The London Eye is a giant[džajnt] Ferris wheel on the South Bank of the River Thames in London, also known as the Millennium Wheel.

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