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Otázka: London

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1) London

Is situated in England.

Capital of Great Britain and England.

Lies on the river Thames.

7milion people.

1666 =>> Great Fire ( 80% of city destroyed)

The seat od the Queen, the Prime Minister, the Parlament, the Gouverment Supreme Court – právníci

The Prime Meridian – of the world runs across Greenwich in the east London – nultý poledník.

5 Airports ( largest Heathrow), Undeground ( called tube, oldest in the world) Doubledecker- large red bus.Buses,black old taxis CABS, ships and boats.

Parts of London : City of London ( oldest), East End ( many new immigrants, home of working people), West End ( shops, treatres, banks, residential, parks)


2) Important places


Tower of London

  • Museum, where is Queens jewellery displayed
  • Beefeathers – looks after Tower
  • Ravens ( havrani) – they have cuts wings


Tower Bridge

    • Two towers
    • Old bridge, wooden bridge
    • Important place for tourist


St. Pauls Cathedral

      •  Seat of London bishop
      • Weeding oof Charles and Diana


Houses of Parlament

v   It is a seat of gouverment

Gouverment : two parts

v  House of Lords ( děděním…)

v  House of commonds


Big Ben

  •  Tower clock
  • Tourist meeting point
  • Oficial time for London people


  •  Is a street
  • 1) Downing street ( Prime Minister, number 10)
  • 2)House Guard


Westminster ABBEY

ü  Many English famous people are burried here


Buckhingham Palace

v  It is a seat of the Queen

v  There is a changing of Guards


Trafalgar Square

  • In the middle is Columm of Captain Nelson
  • He was an admiral
  • There are lot of Pigeon


Piccadily Circus

  •  Lights adverts ( světelné reklamy)
  • There is Amor statue


Hyde Park

  •  Speakers corner
  • Relax park
  • Lot of banch

Baker street

–      museum of Sherlock Holmes

Oxford street

–      shopping street

–       Miss Selfridge – teh luxus shop

–      Posh – rich people as Victoria Beckham


Museum of Madame Tussand

  • museum of vax figurine


–      theatre of Wiliam Shakespeare


Milenium Dom


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