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I have topic about famous American´s cities. First I will speak about Washington D. C. which is capital city of the United States.

This city is named after the first president George Washington. The letters D. C. mean District of Columbia. There aren´t any skyscrapers so typical for America. Washington D. C. lies on the eastern coast of the United States of America. It is a legislative, administrative and judicial centre of the States. In the centre – on Capitol Hill – is the Capitol seat of the Congress, the House of Representatives and Senate. Nearby is the White House, it has been the residence of all American presidents except for George Washington. Important buildings include the Library of Congress – the United States national library and Pentagon which is the centre of military forces. The Mall is a long park – like area that starts at the Capitol and extends for two miles ending at the Washington Monument. It is 170 m high obelisk, surrounded by fifty flags, with an elevator inside. The top offers a panoramic view of the city. Other memorials honouring famous figures from American history include The Jefferson Memorial which honours Thomas Jefferson. He was 3 rd US president. There is Lincoln Memorial which has built in the classic style of a Greek temple and many American soldiers memorials. Next, there is Supreme Court – main judicial body of the States. Washington D. C. is world famous for its museums. There is the National Air and Space Museum, the Museum of African Art, Smithsonian Institute – a number of museums with various collections, the National Gallery of Art and many others. There are also parks and green spaces and the most beautiful parks are the West and East Potomac Parks and Constitution Gardens.


Second, I want to say something about the biggest city in the USA. It is New York which is situated on the eastern coast of the USA. It was the capital for four years during the War of Independence. It is an important seaport, financial, business and cultural centre. There are four airports and it has the largest subway system in the world. New York has got a nickname Big Apple. A many nations from different places came to New York to find a new home. New York consists of five boroughs – Manhattan, The Bronx, The Queens, Brooklyn and Richmond. The first Manhattan is the most important of them. It has a modern layout, there are avenues running from south to north and they have names. The streets run from east to west and they have numbers. In total there are 12 long avenues and 500 shorter streets. Manhattan is situated on rocky Island. There are luxurious shops, hotels and offices on Fifth Avenue. The Empire State Building is located there. Broadway runs across the streets and avenues. It is more than 19 km long, there are a lot of theatres, also the Metropolitan Opera, Carnegie Hall, cinemas, restaurants, clubs and bars. Times Square is a centre of entertainment. There are department stores, shops, restaurants, nightclubs and hotels. Wall Street is the financial centre of the world. There are banks and the stock exchange. The second part is Harlem. It is a black quarter with many poor and unemployed people and it is very dangerous place. The next poor areas are the Bronx and the Queens. Next part Brooklyn is the largest and it is situated in Long Island. The last thing which I want to mention is The Statue of Liberty which is situated on Elvis Island. It is the first sight for many immigrants, so it has become a symbol of hope and freedom.

Last one, I will speak about other famous cities in United States of America. So, first city is San Francisco. It is located in the state of California. In the past it used to be a Spanish fort. After the Great Earthquake, fire destroyed the city centre. The most important sights are Golden Gate Bridge and prison Alcatraz. The next city, which I want to mention, is Los Angeles. It is the capital of the film world and it is the second largest city. Very famous places are Beverly Hills or Hollywood. Many famous people live there in order to be near the film studios in Hollywood. It is very famous for its semi – tropical climate and it is known for its traffic jams and air pollution became of many cars. The next city is Chicago which is situated on the shores of Lake Michigan. It is an industrial centre. There is O ´ Hare Airport which is the busiest airport in the world. The last one, which I want to mention, is New Orleans. It is lying in the southeast part of Louisiana by the river Mississippi. It is the home of jazz and the birthplace of Louis Armstrong.


To sum up, I want to say that it is so beautiful and famous places. I want to see it but it is very expensive for visit for European people whom aren´t so rich.



  • WASHINGTON – capital city, named after first president, D. C. – District of Columbia, lies on the eastern coast of the USA, legislative, administrative centre, Congress, House of representatives and the Senate, Pentagon, Mall – long park, ending at the Washington Monument, a lot of Memorials for presidents, museums – West and Potomac Parks, Constitution Gardens
  • NEW YORK – biggest city, financial centre, largest subway, nickname Big Apple, five boroughs – Manhattan – most important, 12 long avenues and 500 streets, on island, shops, hotels, offices – Fifth Avenue, Empire State Building, Times Square, Wall Street, Harlem, The Bronx – poor areas, The Queens – poor areas, Brooklyn – largest of five, on Long Island and Richmond – south island
  • OTHER FAMOUS CITIES San Francisco – Golden Gate Bridge, prison Alcatraz, Los Angeles – second largest, film world, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, semi – tropical climate, air pollution, Chicago – Lake Michigan, industrial centre, O´Hare airport, New Orleans – on the southeast part of Louisiana by the river Mississippi, home of jazz
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