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Téma: Man and Society

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): marketa


There are a lot of global issues in our world. For example coronavirus. I think this disease has changed our lives a lot. Covid 19 also affected quarantine, which was very difficult because we didn’t go to school the whole last year and we also couldn’t go to restaurants or cinemas. Every business was closed because of the pandemic.


The next global problem is war. In our area were just two big wars, but in other countries are much more wars. In my opinion, wars are the worst problem because they influence lots of other problems. For example, there can be killed innocent people, many buildings are damaged and lots of people have to leave their houses or they suffer poverty.


There is also a lot of crime like murder, robbery, smuggling and dealing drugs and rape. When somebody commits a crime, he gives punishment. For example, when somebody killed someone, he goes to prison for several years or for his whole life. I think that the punishment for rape is very low. A lot of people that commit rape just get a condition.


And the next problem I mention is terrorism. It is usually related to politics or religion. The most famous terrorist attack was on the 11th of September 2001. The attack was on the World Trade Centre in New York. There were a lot of people at that moment, so there were many killed people. We watched a document about that day and there were people jumping out of the windows. And people say that this was the day that changed everything.


Unfortunately, there are also a lot of diseases in our world. The biggest problem in the last few days is definitely covid. Around 10 thousand new people are infected every day. I think that everything will be closed like last year. The flu is also very dangerous in this part of the year.


I would like to say something about counties. The most important are definitely China, Germany, Great Britain, France, Japan, USA and maybe Russian. Russian is the biggest country in the world. Every country has a different culture. For example, the Chinese eat with chops. The religions are also different in every country. I know Christianity, Muslims, Buddhism and Hinduism.


Some countries are cooperating in organizations like the EU and NATO. The Czech Republic is a member of these two.


And my last point is are famous people. For example, the American president is one of the most important person in the world, because he can influence the economic or industry.

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