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Otázka: Mass media

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What are media?

  • newspapers, TV, radio, internet, magazines, books, films, CD´s, DVD´s
  • provide information, entertaiment, education



  • basic function is to provide information: TV, newspapers. We watch TV because we want to know, what is happening around a world – enable  contact with the whole world
  • what is the problem with it? We don´t know if it´s true. They can manipulate with information. It´s negative part of media. Media create a certain vision of the Word that may be different from reality – disort reality by selecting what is important and what is not.
  • manipulate reality
  • without media there are no informations
  • second function is entertaiment and excitement
  • it´s a way of relax – you don´t have to do anything, it´s easy way without work
  • children can´t select what is good and what is bad
  • we can create addiction
  • it´s passive way of spending time, waste of time


  • culture function
    • media create mass culture – they present the same contact to a large number of people
    • possitive – spreanding idea sof human rights, tolerance
    • uniting people into a global Word
    • negative side – mass culture destroye individual cultural specifics


  • social function
    • teach people how to be part a society
    • + offers patterns of behaviour that people can copy, for example domestic violence, drug abusers
    • negative – the patterns of behaviour and different situations are unrealistic create wrong expectations and dissatisfaction


  • political function
    • the goal is help us to understand the political situation, they present politicians and political parties and help us create own politic orientation
    • negative is, that media can favour different parties and make a better image



  • aim – serve the public
  • get money from concessionary fees, the state and adverstisment, broadcasting time can it be just 1%



  • function like a commercial company
  • their aim is to make profit
  • get money by selling advertisment space – is influences media content
  • they need high ratings – provide content that is interesting for the biggest number of people



Goals of Advertisment

  • to inform about a product or a service
  • to remined a product or a service
  • to motivate people to buy to product or service


Types of advertisments 

  • TV commercial – most effective
  • prime time – time When the TV is watched by the highest number of people – the most expensive broadcasting time


Selectivity – ability to adress particular target groups advantage

  • what is good ?
  • sometimes are entertaining
  • if used for non – commercial reasons, it may serve the public

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