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Otázka: Meals of the day

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Meals of the day

  • Breakfast is the first meal of the day.
  • Lunch is the mid-day meal. This is the one you eat during lunch break – not in the morning and not in the evening.  For some people it might actually be the main meal of the day with a light supper to follow in the evening.
  • Dinner is the main meal of the day.  If you eat three times per day, then your dinner and supper are probably the same thing.  If you eat four times per day, then your dinner is probably before supper.
  • Supper is the last meal.
  • Brunch is a term which is a combination of breakfast + lunch
  • Between the main meals we have a small snack with a cup of tea or coffee. The snack in the middle of the morning is sometimes called elevenses.


Breakfast at school days and weekends

Breakfast is the first meal of the day, usually consumed in the morning. It usually consists of something to eat and something to drink. At the weekend people take time having their breakfast. Some people skip breakfast but it´s not healthy.


Breakfast at the hotel

There are two types of breakfast served in hotels:

  • 1) the continental breakfast
  • 2) the English breakfast.

A typical continental breakfast consists of tea or coffee and milk or hot chocolate, toast, a variety of sweet cakes and pastries such as croissants, often with a sweet jam, cream, or chocolate filling. It is often served with juice. The continental breakfast may also include sliced cold meats, such as salami or ham, yogurt or cereals.

The normal ingredients of a traditional full English breakfast are bacon eggs, fried or grilled tomatoes, fried mushrooms, toast and sausages, usually served with tea or coffee, fruit juice and grapefruit, cereals, milk, cream, preserves. A full English breakfast requires more preparation. Grapefruits should be sliced and oranges squeezed. In some cases the various juices, cereals, jugs of cream and cold milk are arranged on a cold buffet table in the dining room.For a full breakfast the place setting is: a side plate and a side knife and fork, a dessert spoon, a breakfast cup, saucer and spoon, a bowl of sugar, a jug of cold milk, a jug of cream, preserves (marmalade, honey, jam in small jars or individual packs, toast rack and butter dish, a cruet set (salt, pepper), a napkin.


Lunch at the school canteen and at home

Lunch is the main meal of the day. It is served between 12 a.m. and two p.m. It normally consists of a soup and main course. It is not common to serve hors d´oeuvres at home or at the canteen, they are usually served at special occasions. Cold ones are served before soup, hot ones come after the soup. At the end dessert can be served.

In English speaking countries lunch is typically light and the main meal is eaten in the evening. If the main meal is at lunchtime – at the weekend or other feast days – it is called dinner. Hotels, bars, snack bars, restaurants, pubs, fast foods, food stalls, etc. offer different types of food and service at lunchtime:

  • All you can eat – You can eat as much as you like of a dish at a fixed price.
  • Self-service – You have to go to the bar and order food yourself.
  • Finger food – Snacks you can eat without using knife and fork
  • A sit-down meal – You are seated at a table and the food is served.
  • Bar snacks – Things like sandwiches, baguettes and small meals.
  • Take away facilities – They pack any food on offer for you to take away.
  • Sandwiches freshly made – You choose the filling and they make the sandwich.



In the evening the dinner/ supper is served. It may be either cold or hot. Normally it is lighter than lunch. We can prepare a ready-made dish from a tin or a frozen package.  Later in the evening some small dish may be eaten as supper.

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