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  Otázka: Media and technology

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  Přidal(a): Adam




  • Media is everything which brings information to people and form public opinion. Technology is, in general, the application of scientific knowledge.


Types of media (advantages, disadvantages):

  • Most common types of media are radio, TV, newspapers or internet. They always should tell true and don’t spread panic or fear.
  • Newspapers:
    • are more types of newspapers. First is broadsheet which have serious news (MF Dnes, Právo). Second type of newspaper are tabloids which contain celebrity scandals (Blesk). Then we can buy also some magazines. Big disadvantages are that if we want to read actual news, we must buy newspapers every day and also pay for it and we can’t react so quickly like internet. Advantage is that newspapers are mostly true.
  • TV:
    • There are news often in the evening as the summary of the main events of the day. Also we can watch weather forecast, sport news or talk shows. We can watch 24-hour news channel (ČT24).
    • Advantages are that we can look live on some place thanks some TV reporters.
  • Internet:
    • The largest medium. Quick and fast information from the world. Free and comfortable way of getting information. Disadvantages are that there can be fake news which quickly spreads.
  • Radio:
    • There are news every hour or early if something important happen. Also there are traffic news or information about weather situation.


Media in CZ and UK, USA


  • Biggest newspapers are MF Dnes or Lidové noviny which belongs to Andrej Babiš, his Agrofert.  Some others are Hospodářské noviny or Deník.
  • There are magazines about wars, history, animals, for women (Ona Dnes), cooking or celebrities (Rytmus života).
  • In TV we have channel Czech television……ČT1 (movies, shows, TV series), ČT2 (documents), ČT24 (only news), ČT Sport (only sport) or ČT:D for children. Nova (series, sitcoms, movies), Prima or BARRANDOV TV.


  • Biggest newspapers are The Times or Financial Times which is focused on economy. Tabloid is The Sun.
  • In Great Britain there are some famous TV channels like BBC 1 and 2 or Channel Four.  Second oldest channel, ITV, is like Nova in CZ.
  • Radio stations are BBC Radio 3, 4 or Classic FM.


  • New York Times newspapers are well known all over the world, This news are organized to 8 sections such as News, Opinions, Business, Sport or Style. Next is for example Washington Post.
  • Magazines: New Yorker, National Geographic.
  • TV channels: PBS (Public Broadcasting Service), NBC, CBS which are commercial, Fox News, CNN which are cable.


Fake News:

  • Fake news is big problem. Home of fake news are disinformation sites, social networks but they can be spread by another media too.
  • Examples: Donald Trump has repeatedly accused American media, such as CNN, The New York Times or The Washington Post, of spreading fake news. In 2017, Ohio Pork Council says, that there is a lack of bacon. This caused that people started to buy it more.


Ground-breaking inventions:

  • One of the biggest inventions is definitely personal computer which change our lives. Firstly people started to talk about PC in the second part of 20 century(the 70s). We can find informations here, write documents, listen music, play some games or communicate. The impact of this invention is that more things are easier, but more people just sitting in front of the computer and dont care of the world around them.
  • Also important inventions are car(we can travel far, but we we pollute the environment…if we dont have electric car), Telephone(can contact somebody who is far, but someone cant give the eyes of it), printing press or plane.


How does media and tech. influence our everyday life:

  • Our lives are almost controlled by technology. Who of us can imagine a life without internet, mobile or some inventions which helping us at home. But because of this some of us are or starting to be lazy.


Me and technology:

  • I like technology. Honestly I can’t imagine life without TV or internet. I use it every day because of school or only for fun. One thing that I dont like so much is cloning things – that’s too much I think and I also don’t fancy replacement people with robots, because there will be more people without job.
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