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Mass media distribute information to people. It includes magazines, newspapers, radio, television and the internet.


Magazines and newspapers are types of readable materials. We can learn news about political situations and cultural events, details about new discoveries or results of sport matches. In serious newspapers we can read articles based on the truth or research. Tabloid articles are more attractive for reading, but you cannot rely on the information. The other way we can divide newspapers is by scope, whether they are national or regional. National news covers events in the whole world, about politics, economy and regional news focus more on smaller areas.

We buy magazines and newspaper at the news-agent. The newspaper are issued every day and magazines are issued once a week, once a month or irregularly.


Those who do not like reading can take information from the radio. Besides regular news, we can listen to music or other programmes on various topics. We can find out the weather forecast, programme of cinemas or theatres or discussions with famous characters. Radio is almost everywhere therefore you can listen to it at home, in the car, in shops and restaurants.


A more comfortable form of media is television. Many people prefer watching TV to listening to the radio. It is easier to imagine what they are talking about when you can see it. You can lie down on a sofa and you do not have to think about anything. We can watch the news, weather forecast, sport matches, political discussions – like on the radio. But there are also some serials, talk shows and competitions. Especially on private channels there is a lot of time devoted to advertising. Advertising is the main source of income for TV. Public channels are paid mostly by people who have a television. Everybody who has a TV is obliged to pay some charge for it.


A special form of mass media is the internet. The internet has been developed quite recently – less than 20 years ago. It is a great source of information about everything. You can find people, companies, products and so on. You can contact your friends all over the world thanks to electronic mail, or e-mail. You can use chat to find new friends. Internet is a good helper if you need to find some information about a new technology or method. If you want to buy something, you search for it on the internet – the same product by different manufactures. The companies do not need to have shop assistants or and actual store, which is expensive therefore goods will be cheaper. And when you make big orders you do not have to pay postage.

It is also easy to plan your holiday online. You can find the destination. You can look for accommodation. If it is some exotic country you can learn about it – language, currency, required inoculations and the best way to travel there.

The internet is becoming necessary for everyday life. You search timetables for public transport, TV programmes, maps, and weather forecast. For some people it is however too expensive to have the internet at home.

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