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Otázka: My favorite American writer

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Přidal(a): Katy Arnoltová




  • is an American writer and vlogger
  • was included among the 100 most influential people in the world in 2014
  • won the Printz Prize in 2005 for his first work, Searching Alaska
  • thanks to a rise in popularity and a distinctive voice, considered to trigger a significant
  • turnaround in youth literature
  • he lives with his wife and son in Indianapolis
  • he is (along with his brother Hank) the founder of the popular brotherhood videoblog on YouTube
  • he is my favourite author because his book are realistic mainly the end
  • he doesn’t write anymore
  • is the author of works: The fault in our Stars, An abundance of Katherines, Turtles All the Way Down and others



  • I chose this book because I have loved it since I was twelve yeas old
  • The book is divided into several chapters with unusual and concise titles and has about three thousand pages
  • The book begins with Q. and Margo find the body of a man. After a short retrospective, we are getting into the senior year of the main characters. One night, Margo shows up in Quentin’s window asking him to lend her a car to help her in a vindictive and exhaustive plan, which has eleven task when she tries to get revenge at an her ex-boyfriend and ex-best friend.
  • Quentin thus serves primarily as the driver of a car that actually belongs to his parents. Quentin thinks that after a night of experience, his relationship with Margo will change, but the next day she disappears. She left behind riddles that few could understand. Quentin, he longs to solve the rides his friends, Ben and Radar, are helping him with. Whitman’s Collection of Blades of Grass became a symbol for deciphering.
  • I liked the ending, normally I’d expect it to end happily and Q. would find Margo and they’d be together, but no. He found Margo, but she didn’t come back with him, and Q. realized it wasn’t the Margo he loved. Q. happy went to prom knowing that the best he had was his friends.
  • The book contains countless metaphors, analogies, direct and indirect speech, irony of passing sarcasm, and above all wit and tension.



  • The film is different from the book, of course. It’s shorter and there’s extra stuff. Margo, for example, has a sister, the plan has only nine tasks, not eleven. The film was something else, but I still liked, but I still prefer the book.
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