My favourite book: All Quiet on the Western Front



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My favourite book

I think today people don’t read so much as in the past. When we ask them why, their usual answer is „I have no time or I´m too busy“. I understand it, because I answering this answer, when I don’t want to do something. They rather watch TV or to phone to some fun videos. I have with books before 2 years same. But on summer holidays in 2018 I borrow 2 books and I read it in one week. It was a form of escape from monotony of everyday life for me. And after a while I fell in love with reading, I read in tram, in train, everywhere. Then I read all books, what I want to read and I lose this passion. And now I have to read books to graduation. Some people said, that the books to graduation are boring, but I enjoyed reading to graduation, because I choose books, which I read before or I heard they are the best. I like to read books from different periods, but my favourite period is Renaissance. Maybe, because I like history and this period is rich in literature. During this period are preferred love novels, which I like the most. I think, that some of the best works were written in Renaissance (Shakespeare) and during the World Wars (Remarque, Kafka…).


All Quiet on the Western Front

I haven’t got favourite writer, but I have favourite book. The book is called “All Quiet on the Western Front “written by German writer Erich Maria Remarque.

This book is from world war one. The main character is Paul Bäumer, who tells the story. The book is about 5 young people to which Paul belongs. They go to the war, when they are studying. They don’t know what is going to do. Their teacher told them that going into the War is a pleasure and honour. Book describes how they are fighting, trying to rescue a friend, their real feelings, moods and reactions without any illusions and lies, gradual dying of friends and much more. The book ends with the death of the last member of the group, Paul. He died in 1918, when there was peace on the Western Front. Some passages even made me cry. After reading this book I had to think a lot and I had very mixed feelings. I realised that war is really absurdity and we must realize that the violence leads to nothing. This made good reading and I was impressed. I like this book very much and so I read this book for several times. Based on the book, was made a film in 1930, which won an Oscar.


Erich Maria Remarque

He is German novelist writer. He was born in 1898 in Osnabrück. His own name is Erich Paul Remark. He was the son of a bookbinder. In 1916 he left as a volunteer for the First World War and in 1918 he was wounded. After the First World War he changed several professions – accountant, business traveller, and organist. He travelled in Europe, moved to Switzerland in 1931 which raced with car for a while. After the rise of German fascism in 1933 he got to the list of banned authors (against the war -> uncomfortable for Nazis). Deprived of German citizenship in 1938 he was forced to emigrate and in 1939 he left for NY, where he gained American citizenship. After the war he returned to Switzerland. In 1958 he married film star Paulette Goddart (ex-wife of Charliehg Chaplin) in 1970 He died of heart disease. Literary famous person, thank his sentimental stories, naturalistic war scenes, reflections, documentation.

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