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Otázka: My Town – Česká Třebová

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Česká Třebová is situated in Eastern Bohemia in the Pardubice region between Bohemia and Moravia. It lies on the river Třebovka in a beautiful mountainous scenery and is the largest town in our district. Our district town is Ústí nad Orlicí. There are about 18, 000 inabitants living here.



The first information about Česká třebová was written in the document of Vladislav I. In 1167. So it was founded as early as after 1200 AD, when the first Slavonic settlement and the Romanesque chapel were bulit, which means that our town is more than 700 years old. The word „Třebová“ has its origin in the old Czech word „tříbiti“ (it means to cut down trees). A development of industry and business began after the Hussite revolution in the fifteenth century. In the middle of the eighteenth century there was a big fire, but the foundation of the railway station supported the development of the town.

The oldest church from the first half of the thirteenth century on our town is the Rotunda of St. Catherine. Nearly for one century the „little church“ serves as a place where traditional pilgrimage (since 1960 very famous „Jabkancová pilgrimage“) has been taking place. There are three squares in our town: The Old, New and Tyršovo square.
In the Old square we can find the old Town hall, some historical buildings, museum, fountain, baroque Marian Plague column and many shops where we can buy some souvenirs and everything we want. Sights situated here have been reconstructed recently.
Near there sights we can find one of the most important ones, St. James The Greater´s Church that dominates the town.



Sport ranks among the most important activities of our inhabitants. Česká Třebová presents itself as the town of sports. Sportsmen of all age categories, individuals or those associated in various sport clubs have available a wide range of sport fields designed for indoor or outdoor sports.
As for sport facilities, there are many places in Česká Třebová where we can go if we want to practise some sports. To keep fit we can use following ones: the local swimming-pool, tennis courts, gyms and their equipment at various schools, football stadium on Parník or playgrounds near secondary schools. Recently there has even been newly bulit a high wall for climbing at Habrmanova basic school. If you like jogging, go to „Hory“ and try a jogging track of just walk in surroundings of the town with deep woods. In summer, the publics have available tennis and volleyball courts, running tracks, as well as football fields or a new mini football pitch. There is also space for some less traditional sports – there was open a new hockey-ball field, a field for roller sports – skate park. You can play pétanque – which becomes more and more popular in the field Za vodou.

To mention other faclities, there are a few banks, restaurants, one library, policlinic, culture centre with the cinema, theatre hall „Small scene“ where especially performances for children and held. And for those who like shopping were build many supermarkets like Billa, Lidl, Tesco, Kaufland etc…

In the town centre there are also situated three basic and several secondary schools so there are many schools to choose from.
We can find in our town also some factories e.g.: Korado, Orlík, LDM, Pewag,.. Especially machinery, agriculture and textile industry has a long tradition in this region. Of course we cannot forget abour our railway station which is one of the biggest in our republic. The first three trains ran through our station in 1845. Many people here work in railway, that is why Česká třebová is called the town on railwaymen.


Surroundings of the town

The country around our town is very beautiful. There are woods, hills and meadows. Some of famous places are bit far from „Hory“ where Božena Němcová lived for a short time, village Kozlov – there is a house of the famous Czech painter Max Švábinský and a new view-tower, from which you can see all the surroundings very well.


Green valley

The town of Česká Třebová can be found in a beautiful valley of the Třebovka river and the plan of the town shows many extensive green areas. The Javorka park is the largest and the most effective natural location. The park was established in 1885 in English style and it was subject to many adjustments by now. It covers the area of 3 ha and its upper parts verge into the forest. That increases its attractive character, as several tourist routes to Kozlov and Hory start just here.


Rondo-cubism and other modern styles

In Česká Třebová you can find several buildings in rondo-cubist style – e.g. the railway station building, the building of the savings bank (Česká spořitelna) and the Workers’ House, now serving as the Centre of Culture. There is also a beautiful building of the grammar school – built at the beginning of the 20th century according to the design of the architect Alois Dryák. The secondary school in Česká Třebová was established in 1909.

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