My town or my village: Jakubčovice – maturitní otázka


 Otázka: My town or my village: Jakubčovice

 Jazyk: Angličtina

 Přidal(a): Michaela



I live in the Czech republic, where is apoproximetaly 10 milions people. Czech republic means to me (for me) home. I think that our Czech republic is very nice place in Europe.There are a lot of beautiful mountains, rivers and history cites. Due to this facts our republic is visited by tourist meanly foreign tourist.


My favourite place is our capital city Prague and so Olomouc. From mountains i prefer Jeseníky.

My district is Opava. There i was born in Opava. Hradec nad moravicí it is small town 10 kilometres far from Opava. There is swimming pool in Hradec nad moravicí. In summer i go here with my family.

Also it is here very large and beautiful castle, Where he lived the famous singer beethowen.

Sometimes there is concerts, shows, performace forexample: Partička

But I live in small village, which is 6 kilometres next to Hradec.

Its name is Jakubčovice.


Jakubčovice has got about five hundred people.

Jakubčovice lies 503 m above sea level. Its name was derived from the personal name Jakub (James). It was probably founder.

Also here first and second word wars take place. During second word wars there were 27 soldiers of Soviet Army and five local people killed.

Jakubčovice was liberated 28 of April 1945.

In Jakubčovice we have got one shop, haidresser, pub, church, house of cultur and directly behind my house is very interesting history monument šance.

This monument is formed by defensive walls from swedish war.

Is here lookout tower built in 2005. It is 16m high

It offers impressive views to forest, Jeseníky and Beskydy mountains. we can se also city Opava and Polish border.

I prefer the life in the village instead of city life because there is nice forest where I like walking with my dog every weekend.

One of disadvantage is transport. The transport is provided by bus only but not frequently. For every day travelling we need a car. That’s why I live in hostel in Krnov. But it never mind to me.

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