My village or my town – otázka z angličtiny (3)



  Otázka: My village or my town

  Jazyk: Angličtina

  Přidal(a): Barbara



For nineteen years our family lives at town. Those who live in the town often claim that they would never want to live in a block of flats. However, living in a town or in a village has its disadvantages and advantages, positive and negative aspects. First, let´s talk about the villages life.

People come here from far away to buy many important things (necessities) – not just clothes and shoes, home and garden accessories but especially food. A village, however is small a place, we have all kinds of cultural, activities, trade fairs, festivals. One solution would be to move to a village. There people for the most part live in their own single-family houses with a garden with trees and flowers. Village people can grow healthy vegetables for their own use and maybe even for their pleasure – potatoes, carrots, onions, etc. – as well as fruit – apples, pears, plums, cherries, etc. – rabbits, sheep, cows and pigs. We go pick medicinal herbs for tea or go you to gather mushrooms for the winter. People here often make their living from farming. Transportation is a big problem for villages. There are places where the bus passes through only two or three times a day. That´s why a lot of people walk or ride a bicycle.

Town is the centre of all activity. In town, where many people live, we can find a number of different shops offering a wide variety of goods.  When we have finished shopping we can stop for a cup of tea or coffee at the nearest café, sweet shop or restaurant. And that´s one of mady advantages. If we don´t feel like cooking or are too busy with other things, we can just pick up the phone, reserve a table and have lunch or dinner at our favourite restaurant. One of the city´s features is a rather large number of schools – elementary, secondary, secondary vocational and technical school and some universties. A town, however, is mainly a place where all kinds of cultural activities are concentrated. Trade fairs and festivals, performances of dance and music groups, exhibitions of well-known and novice painters, photographers and other artists are held there, cinemas and theatres.

I live in a small town Bílovec. Bílovec is near city Ostrava. I live in a family house with my parents and dog. Our house is near the square. The house is very old and big. It is beautiful garden, but balcony is old. We live in the firs floor. My mum. She names is Magda. Her boyfriend, his name is Ivo, but „I call him uncle.“, my bother, his name is Tom, but he lives in Praha for five years. My father lives in Břeclav, so I didn´t see several years. There are five rooms. In the second floor is my grandma with her boyfriend. His name is Olin. He is very annoying and annoyingly. She had a dog, but last year a dog death. I like our house very much, because house have big garden and swiming pool. We may have many animals and We have privacy.


All is good whether it´s in a city or in a village.

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