Mystery box – essay (popis postupu)



 Otázka: Mystery box

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Mystery box (popis postupu)

This box with surprise is the perfect gift for everyone because it can be fill with everything. When you want to give it to your best friend and you know that she loves tea you can put in the box many kinds of tea, teapot with interesting motive or a cup with her favorite color.

You will need some big box. The size of the box depends on what you want to put in it so this you have to buy first.  Next things are decorations like stickers, tapes, bows, papers and pencil.

First step is decorating the box to the style you like. Second step is putt inside gifts in a beautiful way. The last step is putt inside wishes on the papers and each one can be on different color paper cut out to heart or star.

I hope that the person would like the gift.

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