The dangerous pollution – Essay – sloh z AJ

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 Otázka: The dangerous pollution

 Jazyk: Angličtina

 Přidal(a): Nill



The dangerous pollution

Do you know what is an environment? The environment is everything around us. It is everything what we need for our life. We need water, air, earth and so on. Unfortunately, we are still more and more polluting our Earth. Why do we this?


What about water? It is a big global problem. We can see the big pollution in our waters. The rubbish is everywhere and an oil disasters killed a lot of fish and another animals. The next problem is about the air. The chemicals cause diseases and ozone holes. It is very dangerous for life.


On the other side I think that some people want to save the nature. They recycle packagings , reuse bags and make compost to reduce their waste. To reduce air pollution people cycle or walk to the work.


I think that we have two groups of people. The first group like nature and want to save the environment. For the second group – the pollution and the global problems are not important for them.

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