Advantages and disadvantages to an artistic career


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There are both advantages and disadvantages to a career as a musician or an actor. Do you agree?

Since we were little, we have been told to do what we love. Not many kids (when not influenced by their parents) dream about being a lawyer or a doctor. Many of them dream about way simpler things, such as being a musician, dancer, performer or an artist. A wide range of art has been surrounding us since we are little so it does not come as a surprise that later many of us want to become an artist, when we grow up. And why? Because of the simplicity. It brings all the feelings of self-expression, relaxation and, most importantly, it makes us happy. It is like a drug. And being able to take this drug on daily basis and make money with it, it sounds like something anyone would kill for. Moreover, doing something you love for a living is a true blessing.

Becoming a professional artist these days is almost impossible even for talented people. Because more than a talent, money and contacts run this business. However, if someone really goes for it and manages to make their passion their job, happily ever after does not always come. Becoming an artist usually comes with fame. And fame can be very destructive, especially for fragile personalities, which the artists usually have. Their privacy is exposed to the public, which starves for sensation and the artists have to deal with it with grace and ease. They can’t lose their temper and it must be so exhausting to deal with a thing like that on a daily basis.

To sum it all up, it must be wonderful to do what you love, and it doesn’t matter what it is. But becoming a musician or an actor has many advantages, but they are closely connected with the disadvantages. In my opinion, it is up to anyone who decides to take this path, to really sit and ask themselves, if they are willing to accept the disadvantages and if becoming an artist is the true calling for them.

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