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To be accepted to grammar school does not have to be benefitial

A lot of students apply for studying at grammar schools. When they are accepted and they have completed two years, so they begin to doubt about this school. In my opinion and I can say it from my own experiences that grammar schools are one of the best ways to achieve the best results in the future.

First of all, I think that grammar schools are ideal for those people who finish primary school and they have no idea what they would like to become in the future. Thanks to all-round development, which schools offer first three years, students can defer their importnant decision in life at least over three years.

Secondly, nowadays language proficiency is very important. Grammar schools are focused on intensive teaching at least two foreign languages, which prepare students for future career.

There is a little problem, if somebody starts with studying at this school, so main suppositions are that he will have to continue to university because grammar schools provide general education, but do not offer specific professional qualifications, which labour market usually requires. It seems as a problem, however, to my mind this is a fact with which students are familiar and when students know that they are not an academic type, they do not start with studying at grammar school.

In conclusion, I do not understand people that voluntarily went to grammar school and later they complain. I still believed that grammar school is the best school to prepare for universities and for future career.

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