My personal opinion on school uniforms


 Otázka: My personal opinion on school uniforms

 Jazyk: Angličtina – Essay – Sloh

 Přidal(a): Martin Staněk




My personal opinion on school uniforms

The very first use of school uniforms dates back to the 16th century in the United Kingdom. Students had to wear a long blue coat and yellow socks. This is very similar to the school uniforms which are worn by students today. Nowadays, school uniforms are a common thing in Britain, Japan, China, India, Australia and Africa. We do not use them in the Czech Republic yet.

Things that somehow affect the greater part of people in the world, like school uniforms affect students, have their own pros and cons. In my opinion, the biggest advantage of wearing the same clothes by every student is that it can easily erase the social difference among all students in a class. These students are no longer able to judge other students just by the quality and brand of their clothes, which could easily lead to bullying. I also believe that even the school prestige could be highly increased if all of the students would wear the same uniform, which could affect the choice of picking a new school for potential future students while searching for the best school. In my point of view even teachers take students in uniforms more seriously.

On the other hand, I guess that each student has his own favourite style of clothing and wearing a school uniform could take away this individuality and freedom of expression.
I think that wearing these uniforms during hot summer days can cause additional problems like sweating or harder breathing for students with allergies. I would say that another bad scenario could appear while buying a new school uniform, which I think could be sometimes pretty expensive and if you come from a poor family, that could really cause you some troubles.


In the end, I feel that wearing these uniforms should be definitely a part of each university and it also could possibly make you feel proud of representing your school. Even strangers would be able to recognize where you are from. I highly doubt that school uniforms will be a real thing in Czech Republic, but I hope that one day even we will have our uniforms.

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