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 Otázka: Recenze koncertu

 Jazyk: Angličtina

 Přidal(a): Radim Kohoutek




Dear Editor,

I am writing about the concert in the winter stadium last Friday with the local country band, Poutníci. There was an audience of 300 people although the hall was not completely full. There was a great atmosphere.

The band started late and they had trouble with their sound system. However, once they got going the were good. Poutníci is a traditional country and blues band with a singer, a mandolinist, a banjo player, a bass guitarist and a guitarist. Although they mainly played classic country songs, they played some stuff in country form by groups like The Shadows.

The lead singer Ladislav Vraspír really got the audience going. The crowd listened to lot of the songs and someone wnet dancing too. The audience sang along to song called Kalný vody. Kalný vody is their original song and their performance of the song, Kalný vody, accompanied by water background, was very good.

However, I have to say the concert was not a total success. The band was good, but the acoustics of the winter stadium are bad and although the heating was on, it did not work properly. At 11.30 everyone was having a great time. However the band had to stop because the renting of the winter stadium was only until midnight.

Why can’t we have concerts in the sports hall instead? Although you have to pay to hire it, the acoustics are great and the heating works. And we wouldn’t have to finish before midnight.

Yours sincerely,

Radim Kohoutek

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