New York and Washington, D.C.



Otázka: Washington, D.C. and New York

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  • The most populous city in the USA (8 mil inhabitants, 1/3 were born outside)
  • Most densely populated in USA
  • Located on the east coast in the state New York
  • Commercial, financial, industrial, business, cultural centre
  • “The Big Apple”, “the Melting Pot”, “the City which never sleeps”
  • Home to the headquarters of the United Nations – centre for international diplomacy



  • Under Dutch control in 17th century – New Amsterdam (Dutch bought Manhattan Island from Native Americans)
  • Under English control from 1664 – New York
  • Capital for 2 years (1789 – 1791)
  • 1973 the Twins were built – 11/9/2001



  • Manhattan – the oldest, smallest, Downtown, Midtown, Uptown, Central Park, The High Line (Park, Greenway), Wall Street – stock exchange
  • Queens – J. F. Kennedy Airport, Flushing Meadows Park (Corona Park)
  • Bronx – prestigious private schools, ZOO
  • Staten Island – residential, the Statue of Liberty
  • Brooklyn – the most populous, Coney Islands, Manhattan + Brooklyn Bridge (fishmongers, warehouses)



  • Broadway – theatre
  • Metropolitan Opera
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • American Pop Art Movement – Andy Warhol



  • Capital city of the USA, D. C. = district city
  • Seat of the president (Donald Trump), the US congress, the Supreme Court
  • 700 000 inhabitants



  • Established in 1790 after American revolution
  • War of 1812 – burning of Washington
  • Pierre Charles planned the city
    • Classicism, The Greek revival
    • Art deco, Modernism



  • The National Mall – from the capital to the Lincoln Memorial, NP, in the middle Washington Monument (large white coloured obelisk)
  • The U.S. Capitol – home for the U.S. Congress, seat of federal government,
  • Thomas Jefferson Memorial – ancient Rome style, in West Potomac Park on the shore of Tidal Basin
  • The White House – official home and principal workplace of president, late Georgian style, located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
  • The Vietnam Veterans memorial – commemorates Vietnam war veterans
  • Arlington National Cemetery – lots of soldiers are buried here
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