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New York City

  • The biggest city in the USA
  • Formerly named New Amsterdam; sometimes called „The Big Apple“, „The Melting Pot“ or „The city that never sleeps“
  • Iconic city for Americas fastening lifestyle
  • City is made up of 5 neighbourhoods – Manhattan, The Bronx, Staten Island, Brooklyn and Queens
  • Population: 8 500 000



  • also settlement of Native Americans during the pre-colonial era
  • had many names (depending on the colonists) – the most important of which is the New Amsterdam (since 1614)
  • after British captured the city in 1664, the former Lord of York renamed it to New York
  • NYC was the capital of the USA shortly after the War of Independence



  • most of the transportation runs 24 hours a day 7 days a week (24/7)
  • busiest subway system in the Western Hemisphere
  • Grand Central Station – world’s largest railway station according to number of platforms
  • People use yellow cabs a lot


Places to visit:

  • New York is famous for its skyscrapers, especially for the Manhattan skyline (most remarkable used to be The Twins – former World Trade Center towers destroyed in 2001)
    • Empire State Building
  • Statue of Liberty – symbol of democracy and American Independence, stands on Liberty Island and has a torch in her right hand; in her left hand, there is a tablet with date of the Day of Independence (4. 7. 1776); it also recalls the friendship between the US and France
  • Wall Street – street in Manhattan, home of the New York Stock Exchange
  • Broadway – oldest main North-South street in NYC, home of countless theatres (Tony Awards – similar to the Academy Awards, except it celebrates performances on stage and not on screen)
  • The Central Park – biggest park in the NYC, located in downtown; huge contrast between surrounding skyscrapers and the beauty of nature


Comparison – Washington, D.C:

  • Height of the buildings
    • Washington, D.C.- small buildings that are not taller than the Capitol
    • New York City- tall skyscrapers
  • Rivers
    • Washington, D.C.- no river
    • New York City- the Hudson river (border between Manhattan and New Jersey) and the East river
  • Numbers of streets
  • Population
    • Washington, D.C.- 650 000
    • New York City- 8 500 000
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