New Zealand – maturitní otázka z angličtiny (2)


Otázka: New Zealand

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): vanessas


Introduction, geography, state system, population, nature, industry, agriculture


Intro: a state, south-east ofAustralia

– a former British colony (likeAustralia,Canada, …)

– its national flag contains the Union Jack and four red stars (the Australian flag is similar but it contains six stars)

– now an independent state, based on the British parliamentary system – with British Queen as official head of
state, the Governor General as official representative of the Queen
Geography: located in the Pacific about  2000 km southeast of Australia. It consists of two great islands (the North
Island and theSouth Island) and some smaller ones

– the shape ofNew Zealandreminds upside-downItaly

– the surface is mainly mountainous – with a volcanic area in the North Island and the Southern Alps in the South
Island (the highest Mount Cook is3,764 m high)

– the climate is mild, very pleasant all the year round, also reminds the turned over Italy – with the hot north and
snow and glaciers in the south


The capital city is Wellington,Auckland (the biggest),Hamilton, all in the north,Christchurch – in the south, …


The population is about 4,5 million (2013),

– about 10% are Maoris of Polynesian origin


History: – Maoris came toNew Zealand about a thousand years ago

– the first European (the Dutch navigator Abel Tasman) came to N.Z. in 1642 (=17th century)

– N.Z. as the British colony established in 1840


Nature – many special plants and animals has been developed, mainly in the evergreen rain forest:

e.g. giant Kauri trees, Kakapo – the world´s largest parrot, Kiwi – a unique bird, New Zealand’s unofficial
national symbol, the Giant weta – the world’s largest insect, etc. No snakes.


Economy – mainly food processing industry.


Agriculture – breeding sheep. There are more sheep inNew Zealand than people.


Lifestyle – New Zealanders share a passion for sports – e.g. swimming, sailing, windsurfing, yachting, fishing, skiing, … The national sport is rugby.


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