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Oscar Fingal O’Flahertie Wills Wilde was born 16 October 1854 in Dublin in Ireland. He is famous as a writer and poet.

His father was really great surgeon and his mother was a successful writer and journalist.  He had older brother and younger sister, who died when she was just a little girl. Oscar Wilde is said to have worn dress his lifeless sister. His mother wanted him to wear it, because she really missed her daughter.

Oscar Wilde studied first at Dublin University and then at Oxford, where he started to write little poems. He got to know decadent ideas there, which had really big influence for his future. He rejoiced a beauty and he refused connection between art and morality. After his bachelor´s degree he had moved to London, where he worked as a stylist. Then he led lectures in the USA and in Canada. He lived in Paris for a while.

In 1889 he got married to Canstance Lloyd. He Works as a editor of Woman’s World magazine. In 1888 he published a book The Happy Prince and Other Tales, which was written for two Wilde’s sons.

After four years of his marriage he got divorced. Then he met Lord Alfred Douglas and he fell in love with him. Homosexuality was illegal in Britain so he was sentenced to two years of hard work and he was in prison. In 1897 he was dismissed from the prison he lived in Paris. He died in his middle forties in a cheep and poor hotel.

In 1891 he wrote very famous novel The picture of Dorian Gray. Actually it is the only one novel which he wrote. It tells us about young Dorian Gray who is really handsome. He has his pictures painted by Basil Halward. Dorian Gray realised that he won´t be so stunning forever. He wishes he would stay the same and painting of himself will get old. And it really happened. The picture was changing all the time- when he committed a crime, when he did something wrong. And the face of Dorian Gray was still young and beautiful.

In 1895 he wrote drama The Importance of Being Earnest. There is always used irony and sarcasm. Main heroes are Jack Worthing and Algernon Moncrieff. Jack fell in love with Gwendolen Fairfax who is Algernon´s cousin. Jack is known as Earnest in London and Gwendolen knows only his false name. He wants her to engage him. She is excited but hers mother doesn´t like his obscure descent- he was found in a travelling bag at Victoria´s railway station.

The plot seems to be complicated but in the end you will find out that it is easy. The drama finishes happily- Jack and Gwendolen are engaged and Algernon and Cecily too.

Oscar Wilde wrote really nice but sometimes sad stories. The most known is a book The Happy Prince and Other Stories.

A story which name is The Happy Prince tells us about a glit statue of prince and about a swallow. The prince is sad because of rich people which live in palaces while beggars are dying. The swallow take prince´s gold and sapphires  and rubies and bring them to poor people. One day when there were no gold on the statue of prince mayor of the town decided to destroy the statue. And it happened. Little swallow died.

After time God said to an Angel: „Bring me only two things from the town which are the most precious.“. And he brought a body of dead swallow and a heart of the prince. Because the swallow will sing forever and the Happy Prince will be pleased to stay in heaven.

„The Nightingale and the Rose“ is next famous story. It is about a student who loves a beautiful girl from rich family. She wants him to bring her red rose to prove his love. He can´t find any rose. He doesn´t know how to find them. A nightingale decides to help him, because he always sings about this boy and about his love. So he flies from one rose to another one. However there is no red but only white and yellow roses. Finally he found the red rose. He had to die to get one rose. The boy brought it to the girl. However she didn´t want it, because another boy gave her gold.

Sad story, but I love it. Actually I love all this stories because there is a lot of truth.

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