Personal identification and characteristics (2)


Otázka: Personal identification and characteristics

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Natálie V.


Me and my friends:

I would describe myself as a friendly, kind, quite shy girl. I am quite moody. My friends are very similar to me. They are all very friendly, adventurous, kind, talkative, usually very funny but also serious when I need to discuss something seriously. My friend Lenka is a friendly kind girl. She is thin, has curly brown hair and she smiles all the time! Lenka also has a tattoo. My friend Hanka is thin, she has blonde straight hair and blue eyes. My friend Nina is thin and she has long, brown hair and brown eyes. She likes to have colourful nails and she wears glasses or contact lenses.


My behaviour:

I would like to be more confident when I’m speaking to many people. As I am very shy, I speak too quietly and it doesn’t look very professional. I would also love to procrastinate less-my giant problem is that I can’t concentrate for a long time in a row. That is really frustrating when you have to study for a long time in a row-for example before matura… on the other hand, I must say that I am very well organised all the time. I have my diary where I keep all the things I have to do, and I’m very good at creating all the projects, writing essays and creating study materials-I even enjoy it-but I hate studying it afterwards. I would love to be better in using the time better.


My hobbies and interests:

My main hobby is my dog. I walk him many times a day, I train him everyday. We go on trips so that he could get to know other dogs and other places in the nature. Having a dog actually takes a lot of time. My other hobbies are art-I like to decor my diary. My other big hobby is sport-I play tennis, I ski a lot, I go to the gym with my dad few times a week, I love hiking in Giant Mountains during summer.


My feelings with my friends, family, boyfriend:

I feel very relaxed and happy with my friends. I know that I can tell them everything and my secrets will stay with them. So do I with my family. I have great relationships with all members in my family-my mum is my best friend, I do all the sports and fun activities with my dad and my brother. As a family, we also do many things together-such as family vacation or some trips. What I enjoy the most are the calm summer days on our garden. I’m lucky that I have a great boyfriend, i really trust him and I know that he will be there for me in the darkest times. This combined with loyalty is what I look for in a boyfriend.


My plans for the future:

After matura, I would like to go to the Charles University and study languages. I would love to spend as much time as I can with my dog, my family and friends. One day, I would love to have a small apartment with my boyfriend and live in Prague, close to my family and school. But these plans are all in the stars. J

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