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Oscar Wilde was an Irish writer and poet. He was born in 16 October 1854. His parents were successful Anglo-Irish intellectuals in Dublin and he had older brother and younger sister, who died when she was just a little girl. He is best remembered for his epigrams and his novel The Picture of Dorian Grey. Wilde was educated at Trinity College in Dublin and Oxford, and this is the place, where he started to write little poems. He celebrated a beauty and he refused connection between art and mortality. He was bohemian and we have a speculation that he was a homosexual.

He wrote collections of fairy like tales The Happy Prince and collections of stories for example Centerville Ghost. His only novel, A Picture of Dorian Grey was published in 1890 and is his most interesting work.

Other famous authors was John Galsworthy, who had Nobel Prize (Forsyte Saga) and George Bernard Shaw, who had Nobel Prize too.



Talented painter Basil Hallward started to paint young gentleman Dorian Grey. He was fascinated with him. One day Basil introduced Dorian to his friend, cynical and sarcastic lord Henry Wotton. Henry had a bad impact on him and Dorian started to be more and more selfish. When Basil finished his painting, he didn’t want to show it. He had put a lot of feelings in the masterpiece, so he donated it to Dorian. One day Dorian made a wish that the picture of him would get older and he seemed still young.

Dorian fell in love with young and talented actress Sibyla Vane. But Dorian was disappointed and Sibyla was very desperate and she committed suicide. The painting showed his bad soul but his dace stayed young and beautiful. One day Basil visited Dorian and he tried to improve his soul. Dorian killed him, but he had big remorse (výčitky) and he decided to destroy his picture. He took a knife and cut the picture. When servants (služebnictvo) opened the room, they saw the picture with beautiful boy and on the floor lie ugly, old dead body.

Basil: He is a painter, Dorian is his muse. He is an idealist with a good heart who believes in goodness

Dorian: He is young aristocrat. He is a naïve and pure boy but later he is influenced by Lord Henry and he becomes cynical, sarcastic and selfish man.

Henry: He is decadent aristocrat who living a bohemian life.

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