Scotland – maturitní otázka

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Otázka: Scotland

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Jana Nadějová



The Scotland is the part of the United Kingdom (as England, Wales or North Ireland).

The national flag is a white St. Andrew´s cross on the blue background. St. Andrew was a one of the apostle. He was dangerous for Romans, so they crucify him like a Jesus Christ. But Andrew did not want be crucify at the same cross like a Jesus, so he died at the diagonal cross.

The capital city of the Scotland is Edinburgh. It is interesting, that it is the second biggest city in the Scotland.


And now some main information:

  • The national flower of this county is thistle.
  • The biggest city is Glasgow, but it is not the capital city.
  • The Scotland has a lot of mountains and the highest one is Ben Nevis.
  • Scotland is continental and besides this, it has a many islands too, more than 790 (the biggest are Orkneje, Shetlands and Westem Isles.)
  • The first inhabitants came to the Scotland in the Ice Age. Now, population is 5 144 200 inhabitants
  • State system is constitutional monarchy.


People in Scotland use 3 different languages:

  • English, Scots and Scottish Gaelic.
  • Scottish English has a very strong accent. It is different than British English.
  • Alba means In the Scottish Gaelic, Scotland.

The royal standard:

On the Royal Standard there is a lion, which means that Scots are brave and on the sides of the flag are thistles, which is a national flower.


And now something about climate:

  • around the Scotland is the ocean, it is why there is a mild oceanic climate
  • it means that there are a warm winters and cold summers
  • the climate is very changeable, it means that there can be sunny and in the next moment there can be rainy
  • the ocean is not cold because of the Gulf stream
  • and the last thing about climate: the west is warmer than other sides


The geography: 

  • The Scotland is divided to 4 parts. Highlands on the north, Lowlands on the south, Speyside and Islay.


Now let’s talk about nature:

  • Because of ice age there are a lot of glacial valleys in the U shape.
  • Everywhere are deep bays
  • As I already said, you can see here more than 790 islands
  • Atlantic ocean and cold north sea
  • The Scotland is the famous for glacial lakes- – the biggest is Loch Lomond
  • Rivers here are quite short.  I can say for example Clyde, Tay, Spe or Tweed.
  • Even that the Scotland has a really beautiful nature, 80% of inhabitants live in the city. Scots people are composed of Picts, Gaels, Britons, Angles, Normans. In the history, Scottish people were a great warriors.

The popular city is the Aberdeen. Someone calls it like Granite City, the Grey City and the Silver City with the Golden Sands.


Let’s talk about Scottish habits, because the Scotland has an awesome culture.

  • I think that everyone must know Scottish national clothes – kilts.
  • Here you can see the Scottish national instrument, bagpipe
  • Sword dance is the Scottish national dance.
  • The famous food is called haggis. Haggis is sheep’s liver, heart and lungs mixed together in sheep’s stomach and boiled. I think it is very disgusting meal, but for Scottish people is delicious!


And who knows which lake is the most popular? It is the Loch Ness

  • You can find this lake in the north on Scotland. It is 750 feet deep and 23 miles long. People say that there is living a Nessie – the Loch Ness Monster.


Now I try to say you something about Scottish clans.

  • A Scottish clan is a kinship group among the Scottish people.
  • It is a habit that the members of clans have a same ancestors and the surname. (Mackenzie, MacDonald, MacLeod, Mackay).
  • The each of the clans has their own tartan patterns.


To sum up, I want to thank you for your attention

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