Shopping in the Czech republic and in my place



Otázka: Shopping in the Czech republic and in my place

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Shopping is quite an important activity in our life because it helps us obtain necessary things like food or clothes. For some people it is rather hobby or sport. They spend a lot of time in shops looking around, searching for the best price and spending money for unnecessary things.

We take a shopping basket or a trolley and go into the shop. There are lots of shelves with products so that we can choose what we want. In some shops (goldsmith´s or butcher´s) there are counters and the shop assistants show us and hand us the goods. In clothes shops there are changing rooms (fitting rooms) where we can try the clothes on. Then we go to the cash register. We can pay in cash or by card. After having paid we get a receipt that gives us a guarantee. If there is something wrong with the goods, we can take the goods back and get a refund.

The best amusement is to go to some big shopping centre. There is often a large supermarket and shopping malls with tens or even hundreds of smaller shops. At the supermarket you can buy many things cheaper, especially when they are on a speial offer.

Special things like electronics or computers it is better to buy in specialized shops. You can rely on quality and good service.  There are also big sports shops like Hervis or Giga sport, where you can get everything for sports, such as bicycles, ski, snowboards, tennis rackets, skates and roller skates and al necessary equipment.

Those saving money often do their shopping at the Vietnamese marketplace. Clothes, shoes and other things there are very cheap but not of good quality.

Some people who do not have time to go shopping, choose products from catalogues or the internet. They just fill in the order form, specify the type, title, color or size and then mail their order to the firm. In just a few days or weeks, the new product comes by mail. It is possible to buy clothes, radios, DC players and also books or DC s through mail order.

Many people like shopping abroad. It can be great fun to find traditional goods in a foreign country. People usually want to bring back something special from their holiday. These things can be found in small local shops or marketplaces. In big department stores you will find nearly the same things as in your country.

I usually go shopping in department stores. I can find there everything what I want. There are a lot of shops so I can choose from a lot of types of clothes or other things. I usually spend on clothes 400 Czech crowns a month. When I need something I go and buy it. I usually go shopping with my mum or sister. Sometimes I go shopping with my friends. I think that shopping with my friends is better because they usually have the same taste like me.

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