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Otázka: Shopping

Jazyk: Angličtina

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Shopping is an activity that everybody knows quite well, because it is a necessity. Shopping is quite an important activity in our life because it helps us obtain necessary things like food or clothes. For some people it is rather hobby or sport. They spend a lot of time in shops looking around, searching for the best price and spending money for unnecessary things.

When we go shopping we can go either to a big department store, supermarket or hypermarket, where you can buy different goods under one roof or to a shop which specializes in some goods. We know a lot of specializes shops. For example: such a baker´s specializes in bread, rolls and cakes, at a butcher’s you can buy various kinds of meat (pork, lamb, beef…), salami and sausages, if you want to buy some fruit and vegetables you go to a greengrocer´s, at a chemist´s you buy soup, cosmetics or a lot of hygienic needs, a florist´s sells flowers, a fishmonger´s specializes in fish, a dairy sells milk products and eggs, for a new television you go to an electrical appliances, where you can also buy dishwashers, fridges, a hardware sells metal goods (tools, pots, nails), at a toyshop you can buy toys for children, you can buy books at a bookshop, at a shoe-shop you can buy a pair of new shoes, sweet shop specializes in sweets and ice-cream, a newsagent´s specializes in newspapers and magazines, a men´s wear shop or women´s wear shop specializes in clothes, at an optician you can buy a new glasses, at a second-hand shop, you can buy old things, which someone ever had.


A shop consists of a shop window, where you can see some goods which display to temp the shopper. There is also a signboard (there is a name of the shop and the owner). Interior consists of goods arranged on shelves. There is a shop assistant, who helps you with choosing goods and serves the customers. The biggest advantage of specialized shop is better quality, because they only concentrate on one item of goods. There are also fewer people so it´s a big advantage. Shops are situated in the centre of the town. There is a shop assistant who helps you with shopping. But the disadvantage is higher prices or that there aren´t toilet.

At the supermarket we take a shopping basket or a trolley and go into the shop. There are lots of shelves with products so that we can choose what we want. There are many sections for example vegetables and fruit section. There are many meat counters and freezer cabinets. When you finish shopping, you go to the check-out, where you pay for the goods. You can pay by cash or by credit card. The biggest advantage of buying at the supermarkets is big choice of goods and many check-outs. There are lower prices than at the specialized shop, because there are many sales. Opening hours are better. There are also toilets. The biggest disadvantage is a lot of people. There are many queues. The supermarkets are situated on the outskirt of the town. There is also worse quality.


The next possible way of shopping is internet shopping. A lot of people like it because it’s very comfortable. You sit at home and choose what you want to buy. You can easily compare things according to the technical parameters. But the disadvantage is that you can’t try on clothes and that you don’t see what you really buy. Personally I prefer shopping at specialized shops because it is better for me, I don´t like crowded places.. But sometimes I buy via the internet too.

Shops and supermarkets use a lot of tricks to persuade people to buy their goods. For example: They publish their advertisements in newspapers or magazines, they use tempting offer (buy three things for two things, free gifts). In a shop you can smell scent or hear music. The most expensive goods they put on the shelves at the level of your eyes or they also put some sweets or toys for your children at the cash desk.

I think that every people are influenced advertisement. I have made a beeline two years ago. I played football for Bukovany and I needed you football boots so I used opportunity and I bought a pair of new football boots at low price.


An average Czech family goes shopping every day to a local supermarket for necessary goods. Once a week they usually make one bigger purchase for the weekend and from time to time they have to buy clothes, shoes, household utensils and furniture. In our family, it´s my mother who does the shopping. Every morning she goes to the local market and buy necessary things as food or hygienic needs. One a week she does bigger purchase, because my sister returns from Brno. We buy new shoes, or clothes, when we need it.

I think that women´s and men´s attitude to shopping is different. The most of women love shopping. Women go to buy for example new skirt, and they return with a new t-shirt, skirt, jacket, shoes and wit many other things. The most of men aren´t interested in shopping. They do shopping, because sometimes they must. I don´t like shopping much, because it takes much time and it´s very boring for me. But I like window shopping, because it´s free and I enjoy look at goods, which you don´t buy.


If my friend had a birthday, I would buy him a small present, for example: a bar of chocolate or bunch of flower or a bottle of wine. If I won a million crowns, I would invite my friends and my family for dinner or buy a package holiday for my parents and sister.

I live in a small village Bukovany. There is a one smaller supermarket, where you can buy a lot of things, for example: hygienic needs, fruits, vegetables, sausages, bakery products or sweets. There isn’t other shop so when we need new clothes, shoes or the other things, we have to go to Kyjov or Brno.

I usually buy new clothes in Brno. I always buy new clothes with my sister, because she has good taste and she chooses nice goods.

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