The Czech Republic – maturitní otázka (2)



Otázka: The Czech Republic

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Jinovatka



State in Central Europe

10,3 million inhabitants



  • Germany (south, west)
  • Austria (south)
  • Poland (north) Slovakia (east)
  • Czech national coat of arms


Parts of the country – regions

Bohemia (Prague), Moravia (Brno), Silesia (Opava, Ostrava)



Bohemia is surrounded by a ring of mountains – Šumava, The Czech Forest, The Ore Mountains, The Jizerské Mountains, The Giant Mountains, The Eagle Mountains

The Moravian Plain is protected on the West by the Bohemian-Moravian Highland, and on the North by the wooded mountanious ranges of Jeseníky and Beskydy.

Fertile lowlands can be found in the valleys of big rivers – The Vltava, the Elbe, the Oder and the Morava.

The climate is mostycontinental, the warmest and most fertile area is South Moravia


Places of interest

Prague – Prague Castle, St.Vitus Cathedral, Old Town square with the astronomical clock, Wenceslas Square, Charles Bridge, Charles university, etc.

centre of politics, finance, trade, art and culture, Prague Spring Music Festival, a tourist centre – one of the most beautiful historical cities in the world.


Brno – The South Moravian metropolis with a popular international trade fair BVV,

• centre of Moravian culture – theatres, galleries, museums (Mendel´s museum) •education (Masaryk university, Technical university and many secondary schools), centre of finance and business, an industrial city surrounded by forests and fields.

Highlights: Petrov cathedral, Špilberk fortress, Svoboda square, big shopping centres, Brno dam, Brno ZOO


Olomouc – a beautiful historical city and centre of Haná region, astronomic clock in the centre


Ostrava – industrial centre, chemical factories, coal mines, the city is changing these days. Rock festival: Colors of Ostrava


Other important cities:

  • Hradec králové,ČeskéBudějovice (Budweiser beer),JihlavaPlzeň (Pilsner beer, ŠKODA factory),ČeskýKrumlov,Telč (UNESCO city – historical square), Pardubice (famous steeple chase – horse races, ginger bread),Karlovy Vary, Mariánskélázně, Františkovylázně (famous spa, Russian community), Slavonice,Tábor (historical town connected with the Hussite movement),Ústínad Labem (The Ore Mountains),Liberec (Ještěd, ZOO, famous cathedral), KutnáHora (St.Barbara´s cathedral, Šlik´s silver tollar) Znojmo (rotunda, underground corridors, famous pickled gherkins)


Karlovy Vary – Famous spa, MATTONI, Russian community

Tábor – the town of the Hussites, Watchtower on Ještěd

famous castles and chateaux

The Czech republic is a country of hundreds of castles and chateaux

  • -Křivoklát, Buchlov

Krkonoše – The Giant Mountains, ski resorts


Natural areas

  • The Šumava mountains
  • The Beskydy mountains – Pustevny
  • The Czech Switzerland
  • Pravčickábrána
  • Ponds of South Bohemia
  • The Czech Canada
  • The Czech Paradise
  • The Moravian Karst – Macocha grotto
  • Moravian Karst – beautiful caves
  • Areal of Lednice-Valtice


Popular outdoor activities

  • Cycling, rafting, canoeing, kayak, climbing rocks, hiking, skating, in-line skating, picking mushrooms, barbecue, grilling in the gardens


Famous products

  • Pilsner beer
  • Moravian wine
  • Slivovice (plum brandy)
  • Becher herbal liquor
  • Škoda cars
  • Bata shoes
  • Czech glass
  • smelly cheese of Olomouc
  • ginger bread of Pardubice


Famous personalities :


  • Cyril and Methodius
  • Joh Huss – hussitemovemen
  • Jan Amos Komensky
  • King Charles IV.
  • T.G.Masaryk
  • Vaclav Havel
  • Czech RAF pilots in Britain
  • famous personalities



  • Franz Kafka
  • KarelČapek
  • Josef Hašek
  • Milan Kundera



  • Smetana
  • Dvorak



  • Milos Forman
  • KarelZeman
  • Josef Manes
  • AlfonsMucha
  • EmaDestinova
  • Karel Got
  • JaraCimrman
  • Voskovec and Werich
  • famous personalities
  • Johann Mendel
  • Jan Vichterle
  • Jan Evangelista Purkyně
  • Doctor Jesenius
  • JaroslavHejrovský
  • (polarography)


Culture and entertainment

  • Strážnice folk music festival
  • COLORS of Ostrava festival
  • Trutnov rock festival
  • Boskovice music festival
  • Prague spring music festival
  • Vinobraní – festival of collecting grapes
  • Hody festival in every village in South Moravia
  • hody


Culture and entertainment

  • discotheques (young people),balls (in winter) dance, elegant clothes, theatre, opera, balley are very popular, concerts


Famous Chech sportsmen

  • Czech nation is also rich in good sportsmen
  • Emil Zátopek (athlete)
  • Ivan Lendl, Martina Navrátilová (tenis)
  • Jan Železný (javelin thrower)
  • Czech hockey team – JaromirJagr
  • PetrČech (football)
  • KateřinaNeumannová (cross-country skiing)
  • David Svoboda (pentathlon – Olympics 2012)
  • Emil Zátopek
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