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Otázka: The Drinks Menu

Jazyk: Angličtina pro hotelové školy

Přidal(a): Kristýna Koutníková



Soft and Hot drinks

  • Soft drinks are, for example, mineral water – non-sparkling or sparkling, cola, fruit juice and lemonade.
  • Hot drinks – Coffee and Tea, Beer, Wine, Spirits and Long drinks are on the drinks menu. Coffees are e.g. Espresso, cappuccino, Irish, Turkish and Viennese. Teas offered on the drinks menu are black, green, fruit and herbal.


Beer & Wine

  • The beer on the drinks menu is draught, bottled or canned. We have light and dark beer, or half-and-half beer and it can be ten or twelve grade. It´s usually served in a glass or beer-mug.
  • The wine on the drinks menu is red, white and rosé. It can be sweet, dry or demi-sec. We also have sparkling wine. Wine can be served by the bottle, the glass or the carafe. For serving the wine, we need the following tableware: ice buckets, decanters, wine baskets, corkscrews, white cloths. There are also special Wine lists.


Mixed Drinks

  • For preparing a mixed drink / cocktail we need bottles, cocktail shakers, glasses.
  • Some of the well known cocktails are:
    • Mojito
    • Bloody Mary
    • Gin Fizz


Typical Czech drinks

  • The most popular cold alcoholic drink is beer. The most famous brands of beer are Pilsner Urquell from Plzeň, Budvar from České Budějovice and Staropramen from Prague.
  • Czech wine is produced mostly in the south of Moravia. Well-known Czech white wines are e.g. Rulandské bílé, Sauvignon, Tramin and Müller Thurgau. Famous Czech red wines include Frankovka, Vavřinecké, Modrý Portugal.
  • Slivovice is a very strong alcoholic drink which is made from plums in Moravia.
  • Becherovka, a bitter-sweet herb liqueur, is produced in Karlovy Vary.


Typical British and American Drinks

  • A traditional drink for British people is tea. Beer is also very popular.  A famous alcoholic drink from Scotland is whisky.
  • Coca-Cola – the most popular soft drink in the world comes from the USA
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