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Otázka: The political sytem of Great Britain

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The official name of Great Britain is United Kindom of G.B. and Northerm Ireland. Britania is constitucial monarchy with the Qeen head of State. Britain´s democratic system of governement has long history and is well tried and has remarkable political stabiity.


The Qeen

The United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy, thet means ˇ´ the Qeen reigns but doesn´t rule´´, in other words the Qeen has no real power at all. The present qeen is Qeen Elizabeth II., who was crowned on 2nd of June 1953. The Qeen has important duties. One important duty is the choice of Prime Minister – David Cameron, or ceremonial duties as opening Parliament ech year, when she tell govenment´s plans for the coming year from the thore. The speech is prepared by the Government. Nothing couldn´t become british low wthout monarch´s signature, but the Qeen nearly always sign a low which has been passed by Parliament. The crown prince is Charles, the prince of Wales – the oldest son of the Qeen ( Anne, Andrew, Edward). The Qeen lives in London in Buckinham palace.


Parliament and the government

The Britsh Parliament has two houses. The House of Commons and the House of Lords. The House of Commons is the most powerful and represents national policy, but the House of Lords is similar like Senate, so that Lords can return a law to the House of Common.


House of Commons

All members are elected over the country and each member is elected in each district. Political parties are – Laboure party ( primy ministre Davide Cameron), Conservative party,Liberal democratic party.


House of Llords

Consist of about 1200 members and are not elected. Members are mostly heritecary. It means that they are members of the House of Lords, buttheir children can not to be members. The head of both Houses of Parliament is the qeen, but ahe has a verylittle power.

The leader of the winning party becomes Prime Minister and appoints the Cabinet. The members of the cabinet are goverment ministers. The prime minister is the most important person in Parliament. The second largest party forms the official Opposition, with i tis own leader and ´´shadow cabinet´´ the Oppposition has a duty to criticise government policy.

British Prime Minister have lived at 10 Downing street since 1731.


The British flag and Anthem

The flag of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northem Ireland is officially called the Union Flag, but i tis commonly known as the Unio Jack. The flag is made up of the red cross and diagnosal on a white field and white diagonals on a blue field and has existed in this form since 1801.

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