The U.S.A. – otázka z angličtiny (2)



Otázka: The U.S.A.

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Míša



The United States of Americas / the US / the USA

The USA contains / is made up of 50 states. 2 states are separated from mainland, Alaska and Hawaii. The US is bordered/ borders to the north by Canada, to the south by Mexico, to the West by the Pacific Ocean and to the East by the Atlantic Ocean. The capital / capital city Washington DC (District of Columbia) is independent and doesn’t belong to any state. The head of state is president Obama who works in the White House.  The US is federal state. Every state has own governor. The federal government consists of 3 branches. The legislative power is concentrated in Congress. Congress is made up of / divided into the Senate and House of Representatives. There are 453 members and 100 senators 2 from each state.

First 13 British colonies declared their independence on 4 July 1776. Nowadays it is celebrated as Independence Day.  In 1787 the US drafted a constitution and George Washington became the first president of the United States. Between years 1861 – 1865 was the Civil war.  The bloodiest and biggest American war ever between North and South. The Southern states tried to leave the union because they didn’t want to abolish/cancel slavery.  After 4 years was the end of war and the North won. Today is the US only superpower in the world, because of this many countries don’t like America.  The biggest problem is terrorism. People in the Middle East aren´t satisfied with American involvement there and they try to do all to destroy the USA. For example on 11 September 2001 were completely destroyed the towers of World Trade Centre in New York and Pentagon in Washington DC was damaged.

In the US there are lot of places of interests. Among them we can find: The highest mountain Mount McKinley in Alaska, Grand Canyon in Arizona, Great Lakes – Ontario, Michigan, Niagara Falls on the border USA with Canada, The Rocky Mountains cross from the west to the centre of the country, Sequoia National park in Sierra Nevada, Mount Rushmore in South Dakota is a huge mountain sculpture of 4 American presidents.

Most famous cities are: New York, also known as “The Big Apple”, is the largest city by 8 million population. It is very important centre of finance, business and art. We can see there the Statue of Liberty. Washington DC is the capital city where the Lincoln Memorial and the White House are.  Silicon Valley where big companies are: like Google, Intel or Apple.  San Francisco is famed for its Golden Gate Bridge.  Los Angeles is called “The City of Angels” where Hollywood is.  New Orleans is known as birthplace of Jazz. Atlanta, in Georgia, is the home of Coca- Cola and CNN. Las Vegas is in Nevada dese;rt and it s the biggest casino´s city in the world.

The weather in the USA is different from state. In the west coast especially in Florida there are often monsoons and hurricanes. Last biggest hurricane was in New York its name was Sandy. In Florida there are hot humid summer and short winters.



is bordered to the north by – je ohraničeno
border to – hraničí

contain of – obsahuje/ zahrnuje
is made up of – je tvořeno z / skládá se z

consists of – skládá se

branch  – odvětví

is divided into – je rozděleno do

draft – sepsat

abolish – zrušit

involvement – angažovanost

on the border – na hranicích

is known as – známé jako

is famed for – slavné pro / proslavené

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