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1. Transports, travelling

2. Summer and winter holidays


Travelling is very popular. Why do people travel? There are many answers and reasons, for example just relax, visit relatives, work or school experience travel, sports and entertainment.

For many of us is travelling a hobby. People want to see new places, interesting people, the most beautiful buildings in the world. Many people like visiting castles, palaces, fortresses, ruins, rotundas, churches, cathedrals, temples. We can eat unusual food, we can see many different culture of life. We can meet new people or friends. But some people travel on bussines, political or culture reasons. Somepeople travel only for recreation, fun and adventure. People travel usually during holiday.

Lots of people like travelling with travel agency. Travel agencies are able to provide many services. Some people prefer a package tour where everything is organised. Others prefer self-catering holidays where they rent a house or bungalow and look after themselves. On the other hand when you travel on your own with a tan  it is much cheaper.

A lot of people are employed in tourist industry, they work in travel agencies, or they work in hotels – as receptionists, door persons, chamber maids, managers, or in a restaurants as cooks or waiters. Tourist industry brings in a lot of money, tourists spend their money in restaurants, hotels, on accommodation or  in shops.

There are many different ways people can spend their holidays. A lot depends on what season they take their holiday and how much money they have to spend. Winter holidays are usually spent skiing or snowboarding somewhere in the mountains. However, people can also escape from the cold weather and spend their winter holiday in a warmer climate.

Some people like to go to the sea and spend the whole day relaxing in the sun. They want to do nothing physical active and they don´t want any stress. There are some people who enjoy some light physical activity or sports. They might enjoy swimming, fishing, or hiking in the woods. Others go on holiday for thrills. They want extreme physical activity like water skiing, mountain climbing, or white-water river rafting.

Travelling can be dangerous too. We can meet bad people, we can get lose. Travelling is expensive for some people.


Summer holiday offer a lot of choices. People can choose to stay home, take a holiday close to home, or go abroad for their holidays. They enjoy working in the garden or making repairs to their house. Other people like to go to their summer cottages to enjoy their holidays. They might go swimming at a nearby lake.

Take a holiday abroad is also an opinion if you have a little more money to spend. In presentpeopletravel more and more abroad . These kinds of holidays are more complicated to arrange. You have to get a passport and obtain any necessary visas for the countries where you will be travelling. You must arrange tickets for your transportation. If the distance isn´t too great you can travel by bus or train, but if the country to which you are travelling is very far away, it is better to fly. When we travel to the seaside in summer we don´t need any warm clothes or special equipment, we need only swimsuits, towels, sandals, light clothes, sunglasses and a lot of suncream.


Winter holidays – People who like cold weather and snow can travel to the mountains or many ski resorts. Main reasons for winter holidays are sport – skiing, snowboarding, downhill skiing. If people travel to ski resorts they should pack skis, snowboards and a lot of winter clothing. Skiing is very expensive, one needs a lot of money for transport, accommodation, food and ski passes and equipment.

The main destinations of winter holidays in CR:

Ski resorts: The Giant Mountains, The Jeseníky, The Ore Mountains

Abroad Ski resorts: The Alps


When we are travelling we can choose from a variety of means of transport.

People use many variousmeansof transport to get to many holidaydestinations. In past timespeopleusuallywentforholiday in their country. In present more and more people go forholiday to many foreigncountries, whatis morepopularnow.


We can travel in many way (we can travel by ..)



Travelling by train has many advantages. You don´t get stuck in stressful traffic jams. Trains aren´t crowded and they are comfortable. You don´t have to drive, you can just sit and sleep, read or watch the countryside. If you have to spend many hours on the train, you can have a meal or drink in the buffet car and you can buy a seat reservation in advance. It’s usually very safe and very fast.It also has some disadvantages. It is expensive and the trains are sometimes delayed. The connections aren´t always good and you have to travel at certain times. You need a car or a bus to get you to the railway station.

A lot of students travel to school by trains. They get their tickets in the ticket office, sometimes they have a junior pass which is cheaper. By train can travel many people too.



Travelling by car is very favourite. But it’s also dangerous.In a good car we can travel comfortable when and where we want and we can get to our destination very quickly. But later on we realise that the condition of our roads is very poor. We could stop where we want but we cannot park our cars anywhere and sometimes we even have to spend a lot of time looking for a car park. There are other problems too. Petrol is expensive and our sources of oil are limited too. We can´t imagine our lives without a car. As soon as young people are 18 they take driving lessons where they learn to drive and the Highway Code. They take pass a driving test and get a driving licence which they will need in many jobs.



Airplanes are statistically the safest means of transport. This way of travelling is very comfortable and it’s extremely fast. It’s very good for longer distances. When you get to the airport, you go to the check-in-desk where they weigh and screen your luggage.The airline representative checks your ticket and gives you a boarding card with your seat number on it. Then you go through passport control where an official checks you passport. You can also buy things in the duty free shops. About half an hour before take-off, you are told to go to a gate number. When you board the plane, you find your seat. If you have hand luggage, you can put in under your seat or in the overhead locker above your seat. When the plane lands, you have to wait for it to stop. When you get off the plane, you walk to the terminal building where you collect your luggage.



When we prepare for a trip or holiday to distant country or to a different continent, we can travel by ship. Used for intercontinental travelling or for sightseeing cruises. Travelling by ship is comfortable, slow but for some people interesting and adventurous. May be expensive. In Czech Republic it’s not very common.



Travelling by bus is not very comfortable and it is as dangerous as travelling by car. By bus can travel more people than by car. Sometimes it can be more expensive.



This is the most common way of travelling. It costs nothing, but it’s the slowest and least comfortable way of travelling.

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