Travelling – maturitní otázka z angličtiny (3)



Otázka: Travelling

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Pafi



People travel to reach places which can be close or far away, they travel for fun or from necessity. Travelling for fun or in other words travelling on holiday has become a big business. People travel in summer or in winter to see new countries or to meet new people or to try out new exciting sports.


A lot of people are employed in tourist industry, they work in travel agencies, or they work in hotels – as receptionists, door persons chamber maids, managers, or in restaurant as cook or waiters. Tourist industry brings in a lot of money; tourists spend their money in restaurants, hotels, on accommodation, in shop or on transportation.


It is fashionable for our people to travel to the seaside in summer. We have no sea, so we have to spend many hours travelling by train, by bus or by car to the popular seaside resorts inCroatiaorItaly. Most of our people travel to the seaside because sunbathing, swimming and inhaling the salty sea air is very healthy. We like to travel with travel agencies which arrange accommodation, transport and eating for us, so we don’t have to worry about anything. This comfortable way of travelling is popular in many countries and it’s called package tours.


When we travel to the seaside in summer we don’t need any warm clothes or special equipment, we need only swimsuits, towels, sandals, light clothes, sunglasses and a lot of sun cream because it’s dangerous to sunbathe without it. Those who like diving especially inCroatiawhere the sea is clean will need flippers, snorkels, wetsuits, aqualungs, masks and other necessary equipment.


But travelling to the foreign countries is not only lying on the beach, it is also visiting interesting sights. Tourists like to visit museums, open air museums, temples and churches, castles and palaces, galleries, old towns and other places of historical interest. And of course they want to visit local shops and markets, to buy souvenirs and traditional products and try out local food too. So shops, pub and restaurants are important part of the tourist industry.


InEuropeand other countries there are a lot of people who like going to the mountains either in summer or in winter. If they travel in summer they go hiking, mushrooming or they just explore and admire the countryside. They stay in hotels or in chalets or in their own cottages.


In winter they usually go skiing. They do cross country skiing or downhill skiing. They need special equipment: skis, goggles, poles, anoraks, mittens, boots and warm clothes. When they are in the skiing resort, they go uphill by means of chair lifts, or ski tows. In the evening they try local specialities or drinks. Skiing is very expensive, they need a lot of money for transport, accommodation, food and ski passes and equipment.

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