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Otázka: Modern technologies, science, the environment

Jazyk: Angličtina

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  • at the beginning tell the difference between culture and nature
  • culture is everything which is manmade or made by humans(people)
  • nature is everything around us plants, animals, us, seas, rivers and so on
  • Civilization has brought people many advantages but its products also pollute and damage the environment in which we live.
  • Many European countries already made steps against pollution but in Czechlands(:D) we are just at beginning in fight against pollution.


Air pollution

  • one of the biggest problems is air pollution
  • the air is needful for life – not only for humans, but also for animals and plants
  • but it’s very polluted, especially in large cities and in areas with concentrated industrial production
  • pollution is caused by cars exhausts, coal-fired power station and industry plants burning fossil fuels
  • smoke contains sulphur dioxide(SO2), nitrogen oxide (NO), and carbon dioxide (CO2)
  • substances such as SO2 and NO can cause major changes in the environment which can lead to climate changes.
  • these substances mixed with water vapour in the atmosphere can be turn into the acid rain which can gradually kill the trees
  • people should try to use alternative sources of energy, such as solar, water, wind and geothermal
  • there are more ways to reduce air pollution caused by road traffic
  • first of them is to support public transportation
  • another way is to encourage tree planting, because trees absorb carbon dioxide


The green house effect & global warming

  • is the gradual warming of the Earth because heat cannot escape to space
  • it is caused by pollution in the air with dangerous gases such as carbon dioxide and chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)/síefsís/
  • the greenhouse effect can lead to climate changes
  • many scientists agree that the Earth is getting warmer
  • it means that the green house effect is connected with global warming
  • people produce greenhouse gasses which stay in atmosphere
  • the temperature rises so ice caps melt
  • sea level goes up and it is results from melting of the ice caps
  • dangerous consequence is flooding in some area


The ozone layer

  • another problem is destroying the ozone layer
  • the ozone layer is very important, because it protects us from ultraviolet rays from the sun which is a cause of skin cancer
  • recently has been found that there are holes in it caused by use of some chemicals
  • ozone damaging gases such as freons are used in aerosols, air conditioning and refrigeration, but they should no longer be used


Tropical rain forests (the lungs of our planet)

  • a lot of trees are damaged by pollution and acid rain
  • but in some parts of the world trees are not killed pollution but by a people
  • the great rainforests are being destroyed for firewood, furniture and building materials, creation new farms but the soli isn’t fertile so it is wishes circle/púda není úrodná/
  • but trees are important for our life because they absorb carbon dioxide from the air and give out oxygen in return


Alternative sources of energy

  • most of the energy which we use today comes from coal, oil and gas
  • but these will not last forever, and burning them is slowly harming at the atmosphere
  • we need to look for other ways to supplying energy
  • we should use alternative sources of energy such as solar power, wind power or water power
  • water-build water power station
  • geothermal- in Iceland there are hot springs which are used for heating and for grow some plants
  • wind – windmills /větrné mlýny/
  • solar – solar panels, expensive to buy but the money probably will return back to you in 10 years
  • in cars we should use unleaded petrol (gas) In CR it is


In cars we have catalytic converters which turns dangerous gases into CO2, nitrogen and water vapour


Water pollution

  • in agriculture polluted by pesticides and fertilizers
  • by oil leaking
  • factories also by leaking
  • we should use sewage (water) treatment plant /ČOV/


Soil pollution

  • fertilizers and pesticides stays in it
  • can become contaminated as a result of industrial waste and other
  • much of domestic rubbish is disposed of in landfills/dump/
  • we should sort out the rubbish
  • recycle means you will use (f.e. paper) again


Animals & plants

  • the balance of species of plants and animals has been affected by human activites
  • animals lose their natural habitat
  • read book – list of endangered species
  • poacher-people who kill animals for money (without permission)


Elephant tusk – ivory (slonovina)

  • We should create National Parks and nature reserves


How to be green


  • Paper by sort out rubbish
  • Electricity by switching off gadgets we don’t use right now
  • Water – having shower instead of bath,
  • Use public transport, go by bike, or on foot
  • Support grow plants and trees
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