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Hello, I would like to talk about matura topic secretary and office equipment. Firstly, I am going to talk about:


  • Her duties:
    It is depending on where she works and even on the personality of their boss. She helps the boss by answering the telephone and typing letters. Most secretaries make appointments for their boss, make reservations at restaurants and for travel. She should make “small talks” with visitors who are waiting until the boss can see them.



  • I think, for the secretary doesn’t exist directly some field at school but my school can be the best for that. I study business academy. I have all assumptions.


Skills and abilities

  • Because the secretary is usually the first person the visitor sees, it’s her responsibility to create a perfect impression. She is organized and detail oriented, isn’t confused. She has got terrific spelling and grammar skills in many languages.
  • She must be able to understand what her boss wants from her. She can perfectly work with pc and Microsoft office. Fulfils all tasks quickly and efficiently. Has up-to-date skills and the ability to learn new skills and procedures easily.


Character qualities

  • These days a secretary can be male or female, and of any age. This is different from the old stereotype which said a secretary was always a young, attractive blond woman. She must be hard worker, organized, flexible and helpful. And definitely she must be always full of energy and has a smile on her face.  A good secretary should bring objectivity to management and able to take notes from the meetings.



  • She wears formal clothes most often skirt, blouse and high heel shoes. Nicely made up and combed. However, she shouldn’t wear provocative clothing.


Advantages and disadvantages of this work

  • In my opinion, advantage is that she has free hand in his work, she works alone. When she has good work ship with her boss, she has nice atmosphere in her job. But disadvantage is she must be able whole day in any time.


A typical workday of secretary

  • At now I am going to describe to you a typical workday of secretary. The secretary usually comes to work earlier than her boss. She would prepare all documents he would need that day and answers on email in deadline time.
  • When the boss comes, she does coffee or what he wants and ask him what he needs from her this day. All day long, she picks up the phones and answers an email. She arranges meetings for the boss. She leaves office after boss and after she cleans her desk and switches off electronics and lights.


Office equipment

Secondly, I am going to talk about office equipment. The secretary uses a lot of equipment for her work. She has a telephone and a computer with a printer, a scanner and a shredder. The computer is accompanied with a mouse and a keyboard. She must use a diary to plan appointments for her boss. On her table there are many things she needs.


So, what she needs every day?

  • Glue – she sticks the paper together
  • Paperclips – she binds documents together with it
  • Folders – she establishes documents

She can cut various papers with scissors, cut out important parts of the text and attaches them into folders. She uses stamps to mark important documents and letters, the stamp usually includes a signate. Also, she needs many pencils, highlighters and so on.. and she needs pencil holder and glove box.


And on the other hand, what she doesn’t need every day?

  • For example ruler, rubber, paperknife, shredder, liquid corrector
  • To sump it up, every secretary needs a lot of equipment for her work and being good secretary is not easy.
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