Young people and their lifestyle



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Adolescence is a stage of development between childhood and adulthood. Their physical or psychological development is almost complete, but emotionally they are not fully mature.

Youth includes teenagers from the age of 13 till the age of 19, but also young adults from 20 till 30.

 The age at which a person has full legal rights, differs cultures. In each country there are different age limits for driving a car, getting married or drinking alcohol.



  • Young people like to dress nicely. They like to wear brand name clothing, like Adidas, Puma or Nike…
  • They like being fit and attractive. Girls want to be slim, and boys want have strong muscles. That’s why boys often go to the fitness centre, and girls are often on diets because they want to lose weight.
  • Young people like nice hairstyles. They dye their hair and use a lot of cosmetics (like for example make-up, gel, face creams and masks and so on). Some of them also like to have piercing and tattoos.



  • Young people like to be independent and respected. They know what they want from life and they like freedom.
  • They don’t like criticism and they don’t like to be told what to do. They tend to risk more.
  • They have their dreams and plans for future.
  • They like their friends and they like spending time with them. So love and friendship is very important to them.
  • On the other hand, some young people are nowadays very cheeky, rude and impolite. Sometimes they are lazy, so they don’t help other people.


Life style:

  • They want their life to be interesting and exciting. They like to live fast.
  • They know their goals and try to reach them. They are often hardworking, and they have many opportunities to study or work abroad. They often travel to foreign countries to learn a foreign language, earn money and gain experiences.
  • But sometimes it´s difficult for them to find a job, because they don’t have enough work experiences when they finish school.
  • They can’t afford to buy their own flat or start a family.
  • They want to work on their career first, and get married and have children later.


Interests and leisure time:

  • They like to go out with friends. They go to pubs, cinema, discos and music festivals.
  • They can’t imagine life without the mobile phone or the computer. They are used to Internet banking, shopping on-line and using the internet to find information. They spend a lot of time playing computer games, watching series or listening to music.
  • Most young people like sports. They like to go skiing, swimming or running.
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