USA – maturitní otázka z angličtiny (5)



  Otázka: USA

  Jazyk: Angličtina

  Přidal(a): Michaela



Zadání: Your class is working on a project about english speaking countries. One part of the project is to present one english speaking country to your classmates. Your teacher has asked you to speak about the USA using a map and the Picture to illustrate your speech.


The following ideas may help you

  • Geography(Location, landscape, climate, fauna, flora)
  • Demography (People, cities, language, etc.)
  • Politics (Government, symbols, etc.)
  • Economics (Currency, industry,


So USA, the full name is United States of America. The USA is a federal republic in North America. Its neighbors are Canada and Mexico. It consists of 50 states. Two states Alaska and Hawaii are located separately. Around USA is Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. The largest rivers are the Mississippi and the Missouri. The official language is English. Currency is the American dollar. Highest mountain is McKinley.

American the biggest city is New York, but the New York isn’t the capital city. The capital city is Washington D.C. There is a Federal Government. The head of the government is President (Barack Obama)


Flag of United States has many nicknames – The American flag, old glory, the stars and stripes. On the flags are fifty stars because USA have fifty states. Thirteen stripes mean thirteen original founding states.


America is the richest country in the world. It has many products for example cars and electrical equipment.


Interesting places – If I were in America I would definitely visited Grand Canyon – In northern Arizona. Mount Rushmore in South Dakota. Mount Rushmore is a sculpture of four American presidents. Niagara falls. Hollywood – in Los Angeles, California – nickname is The Heart of American film. Las Vegas in Nevada – nickname is capital city of sin and fun.


Declaration of independence – it’s a document.  4th of July – Indepedence day in America .

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