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Otázka: Washington, D.C. and big cities

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• Washington D. C. is the capital city of the USA.

• 3,5 million inhabitants

• It was named by the 1st American president George Washington

• It lies (nacházet se) in the east of the USA on the Potomac River.

• It is the only city that is not a part of a state.

• It covers (pokrývat) the entire (celá) area of the District of Columbia (D. C.).

• It is the youngest city, which was the first city in the world especially planned and built as the capital and the centre of government. (There is the seat of the federal government, the President, the Congress and the Supreme Court)

• Washington is divided into four sections: Northwest, Northeast, Southwest and Southeast.

• Streets are numbered and avenues are named after the states of the union.



• It was established (založen) in 1800. It was built on the plane (na louce) and that´s why the symetrical city.

• Baroque style is by French architect Pierre L’Enfant.


Places of interest

 There can’t be built any skyscrapers (there is law against building very high buildings).

 The United States Capitol

o the seat of the U. S. Congress

o focal (ústřední) point of the legislative government

o it’s the highest building in the Washington


The White House

o the residence of the U. S. president

o the 1st public building in Washington

o the exterior walls are made of sandstone

o 1st and 2nd floors are reserved for president


 The Library of Congress

o established for congress but today it’s national library


 The Mall

o one of the oldest nation’s federal park

o Two-mile long area lined with trees, extending from the Capitol to the Washington Monument, this area is popular for walking, relaxing…

o There are many important museums and galleries, for example: the National Museum of American History, the National Gallery of Art…


 The Lincoln Memorial

o the large building with a long stairway (schodiště), was inspired by Greek architecture

o inside is the oversized statue of Abraham Lincoln


 The Jefferson Memorial

o is a bronze statue of Thomas Jefferson, standing in the middle of the colonnade and holding the Declaration of Independents


 Arlington National Cemetery

o it’s the nation’s most sacred (posvátný) place

o veterans buried there represent every war the USA has taken part in


 Pentagon

o or the FBI building

o the seat of the Department of Defense (oddělení obrany)


Other cities – viz. Topic New York

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