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  Otázka: Washington, D.C.

  Jazyk: Angličtina

  Přidal(a): VariusMartin



Washington, D.C.

  • The capital of the USA
  • Located on the East coast, south of the NYC
  • Centre of American political power (The White House – president, The U.S. Capitol – Congress)
  • Washington D.C. is one of America’s most visited It is not just seat of the Federal Government, Supreme Court and the President of the United States; there are also memorials to commemorate important figures and events in American history
  • The whole district is divided into four parts – Southeast, Southwest, Northeast and Northwest; centre of the division lines is the U.S. Capitol building
  • Population: 650 000
  • No taller buildings than Capitol (law)



  • American natives‘ settlement in the pre-colonial era on the Potomac River
  • Became the capital after the Compromise of 1790 when Jefferson, Hamilton and Madison agreed on moving the capital from Philadelphia to the Southern United States (about 8000 inhabitants)
  • First city in the world to be designed and newly built as the capital (Pierre L’Enfant)
  • Former area of district was 100 sq. miles (as designed by George Washington)
  • Huge economic decline prior to the outbreak of American Civil War in 1861 (first slaves freed on command of Abraham Lincoln) (about 100 000 inhabitants)
  • Huge historical importance (Dr. Martin Luther King’s speech, signing place of The North Atlantic Treaty = The Washington Treaty) and many more



  • Most of the transportation is public (Interstate 95 – the biggest highway on the East Coast runs around the district)
  • Second-busiest subway and sixth-largest bus system
  • Main train station = Union Station (over 70 000 people serviced every day)
  • Three major airports: Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, Washington Dulles International Airport, Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport


Places to visit:

  • The White House – was not always white, painted white after the War with British of 1812
  • The Capitol – centre of the US government
  • The Lincoln Memorial – American National monument (form of Greek temple) – site for Martin Luther King’s „I have a dream“ speech
  • The Washington Monument – 170 metres tall obelisk (world’s tallest stone structure), honour of George Washington


Comparison – New York City:

  • Height of the buildings
    • Washington, D.C.- small buildings that are not taller than the Capitol
    • New York City- tall skyscrapers
  • Rivers
    • Washington, D.C.- no river
    • New York City- the Hudson river (border between Manhattan and New Jersey) and the East river
  • Numbers of streets
  • Population
    • Washington, D.C.- 650 000
    • New York City- 8 500 000

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