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Washington D. C.  (The District of Columbia)

Washington is one of the most beautiful cities in the USA, even though it is not the largest. There are many parks, museums, galleries and national monuments.

Washington is the capital city of the USA, named after the first president, George Washington. It is home of the federal government and the residence of the president. The capital is located in a special district called „The District of Columbia“ which is not a state because it is the seat of the federal government.

In Washington lives about 653 000 people. It is situated on the east coast of the USA.  It lies on the Potomac River. The city has the area just under 70 sq. miles. It was founded as a national capital city in 1800.

In Washington are situated very importance buildings: The White House, Pentagon, the Capitol, and the Library of Congress. There aren´t any skyscrapers so typical for Americans cities.

Transport in Washington is underground, regular bus, trains and aeroplanes.


The green strip in the centre called the National Mall. It is one of the oldest federal national parks. Two miles long area lined with trees, extending from the Capitol to the Washington Monument. This area is popular for walking and relaxing.  The are many important and interesting galleries and museums..for example The National Museum of American History, The National Gallery of Art.


Outside the Mall, you can enjoy shopping and having coffee in Wisconsin street , you can see the infamous Watergate Hotel, the National Cathedral, one of the biggest churches in the U.S.A. There is also a Spy Museum north of it.


The United States Capitol is the seat of the US Government. Capitol is place where Congress meets. Capitol is the highest building in Washington D.C. – there must not be build higher buildings. The Capitol has 2 wings: the Library of Congress and Folger Shakespeare Library, which has the world’s largest collection of the printed works of William Shakespeare.


The residence of the US presidents called White House. For two hundred years has been White House the symbol of Presidency, the United States government and the American people. It is seta of the President of the United States and the President´s private home.


Washington Monument is 55 metres high. From the top of the monument people can see the whole of Washington and the Potomac River. It was built to commemorate George Washington. (He was American General, first president of US).


Vietnam War Veterans Memorial is black wall with 10 000 names of soldiers killed in the war written on it.


Jefferson in Jefferson Memorial watches the White House across the water. It was built to commemorate the third American President, a lovely place with cherry trees surrounding in. It is really nice place in spring. (T.Jefferson the author of the famous Declaration of Independence)


Lincoln Memorial is the giant marble statue of Abraham Lincoln sitting in an armchair. It is situated next to the Martin Luther King Memorial.


Across the river, there is Arlington National cemetery, where you can see thousands of tombstones of soldiers who sacrificed their lives in the wars. The most visited grave there is President John Kennedy´s last resting place.


Library of Congress is National Library of the United States.


Pentagon is a five sided building with five rings of office blocks.  There are two Washington universities and some other institutions.  Pentagon serves as seat Ministry of Defence US. It is one of the largest building in the world.

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