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Otázka: Znojmo

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): nataliehanzelova




Znojmo is an old historic town with many sights. The population reaches about 40,000 inhabitants. Znojmo is located on the left bank of the river Dyje and the climate [klajme] is favourable [fejvrbl] for fruit-tree and wine growing. It is also an important railway and road crossing.



Znojmo as a royal town was founded just before 1226. King Přemysl Otakar I. permitted the inhabitants to build better fortifications.



The oldest and the best- known monument in Znojmo is the Romanesque Rotunda of St. [seint] Catherine. It stands on the highest point of the castle courtyard [koryard] and was built in the 11th century. Another historic building in Znojmo is the Castle. Most sights can be seen in the Old Town. The most monumental church in Znojmo is St. Nicholas’ Church. Next to the church stands the two-storeyed [storyd] St. Wenceslas’ Chapel. St. Michael’s Church is the second most important church, which is situated on the highest point of Znojmo. In the center near the town hall is located the Town Hall Tower, the symbol of Znojmo.


Important squares

Znojmo has a lot of squares. The most important square is Masaryk square, also called the Lower square .In the middle is located The Baroque plague column. In present days it is a place of public meetings, demonstrations, cultural activities and it’s also a busy market place. Every year in September the famous Vintage Festival is held here.



The longest street in the Middle Ages was Česká street. Obroková street is lined with historic houses. Nowadays in most of the buildings there are shops, banks, cafés on the ground floor and flats or offices on the upper floor. Some streets in the old town are narrow, winding and cobbled. [kabld]


The environs of Znojmo

Vranov is a small town situated on the river Dyje following a deep valley some 22 kilometres far from Znojmo. Near the town there is a big dam with a large lake. The well known recreation centre is visited by lots of people every year.


Famous personalities

In the park the statue of Charles Sealsfield is situated. He attended the grammar school in Znojmo under his true name Karel Poslt. He is known in the world by his books on American Indians and by a critical work “Austria as it is”



Znojmo is also known for its good wine. Znojmo has a lot of places where people like to spend their free time. In spring we always meet people walking in Gránice valley. Some crucial problems in Znojmo are few parking places, a ring road and housing problems.

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