What happened to me on public transport – Essay



 Otázka: What happened to me on public transport

 Jazyk: Angličtina

 Přidal(a): Fialka Garderóbová



Last year I decided to go on a trip to Prague by train, because I really wanted to do some sightseeing. I went in the middle of May, on a Saturday, because the weather forecast was very promising and also because it was one of the rare days when I didn´t have any lectures or a shift at work.  I put a lot of effort in preparing for the trip – I packed all my things the evening before and even booked a train ticket in advance. My train was leaving at 7:30, which is quite early, but I didn´t mind – “At least I will have more time!” I said to myself. I got on the train, sat down in a comfortable seat, which I had booked and started reading the book to kill some time.


After about 20 minutes something incredible happened. The train just stopped in a station and I was completely glued to the pages of my sci-fi story, when the door of the compartment opened and somebody came in. I lazily looked up just to see who the newcomer was and then I froze. I simply couldn´t believe my eyes. It was Matěj Ruppert, the front man of my favorite music band! What were the odds of that happening?! I let out a euphoric scream. He turned to me in surprise, looking slightly concerned – he probably thought that I was screaming because some sort of a terrible accident happened to me. “Oh my god, I simply cannot believe that it is actually you!” I yelled. “I am your biggest fan and I totally adore all your music!” I told him. When he realized why I was screaming, he laughed. Then I introduced myself to him and we shook hands. “I´m glad that you enjoy our songs!” he proclaimed. That was an understatement – his music meant the absolute world to me. And as there were still about two hours of the ride left, and he apparently didn´t have anything better to do, we just talked. He told me about what it was like to be a popular musician, how he started the band and about what it was like to be constantly under the public eye. I listened to every single world of his story, still a look of shock and immense happiness on my face, which just wouldn´t go away no matter how hard I tried. Then he asked me what was my favorite song of his, and if I have ever been to one of his concerts. “Unfortunately, I have never been to one”, I replied sadly. “I am a university student at the moment, so I don´t have much money to spare and also, none of my friends would be interested in going to a concert of yours.” “Oh, I feel really sorry to hear that. But I will not leave it like this!” he said and winked at me. “If you are such a huge fan of our music, you should definitely come and see us life, no matter what!” he said with gleaming eyes. “But…” I started. “No buts!” he stopped me. “I am inviting you to my concert next week in Brno!” “What?!” I said in disbelief. “You don´t have to worry about money or having nobody to accompany you. You will be my guest! You will be backstage with me and other guys from the band, we will show you around and even introduce you to some of our friends from the music scene!” he promised. “What?! Are you kidding me?! Thank you so much! I can´t believe I am going to your concert!” I said and then I started crying with happiness. He laughed again and offered me a handkerchief from his pocket and I blew my dripping nose and mopped my red eyes. We spent the rest of the ride chatting and when it was time to leave the train, he waved to me and said: “See you next week!”


It was the best and most special ride of the train ever. After all, you don´t bump into your favorite star on public transport every day!

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