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Otázka: Work and employment

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1.    Introduction

  • Work is elementary part of our lives
  • People spend most of their time by working
  • Quality of employment influences enjoyment of life


2.    Why do people work?

  • Because they need money for their expenses – wage, salary
  • Because they want money for their hobbies and free time (travelling, sports, family holiday)
  • They want to make the most of their talent
  • For some of them their job is also their hobby and they simply enjoy doing it
  • For some is a good career the main goal of their life


3.    Types of jobs

  1. Employee – Being employed and working for someone
  2. Employer, businessman, tradesman – Working on his own
  3. Unemployed
  4. Other ways of making money (gambler, rentier)


Jobs and skills

Office jobs

  • Receptionist – welcomes visitors
  • Accountant – processing bills and taxes
  • Customer service employees – people who deal with complaints from customers
  • Personnel manager – deals with problems with staff
    • Clerk – usually works in a state-conducted company


Skilled manual jobs

  • Plumber – installs and repairs pipes
  • Carpenter – build the walls of houses
  • Electrician – install sockets and wiring
  • Mechanics – repair cars
  • Loggers – cut down trees
  • Topper – climbs up the tree and chops down the upper part of it


Professions – occupation which requires college degree

  • Teachers –give children education
  • Doctors – take care of patients
  • Dentist – take care of people’s teeth
  • Lawyer – participates in criminal cases at court)
  • Vets – take care of sick pets
  • Surgeons – preform operations


Emergency services

  • Soldier – army member eligible to fight in war
  • Firefighter – works to put out fires
  • Sailor – member of navy
  • Paramedic – provides emergency medical care


Jobs which do not fit to any of these categories

  • Priest – leads ceremonies for certain religious
  • Fashion designer – designs clothing for other to wear
  • Taxi driver
  • Estate agent – sells houses
  • Miner – dig in order to get coal or precious stones
  • Tailor
  • Broker – somebody who sells securities
  • Journalist


Other ways of making money

  • Gambler – unstable income, matter of luck
  • Rentier – gains money from renting his own properties to 3rd party


Can also be divided to blue collar and white collar jobs


Blue collar

  • No need for qualification
  • Based on the color of clothing people wear
  • Mechanic….


White collar

  • Considered more prestigious
  • Doctors….


4.    Applying for job

Where can you find hob offers?

  • In newspaper or on the internet
  • You can ask your family and friends
  • You can also go special job agencies and ask for help


What comes next?

  • You have to write a cover letter and CV and send it to your potential employer
  • CV
    • Includes your personal data, your previous experience, your education and special skills (driving license, language certificate)
  • Cover letter
    • Provides additional information about you
    • It should explain why you are applying for a job and why you think you are the best for it
    • You should not have only one cover letter, it is highly recommended you write a special one to every job every
  • If they find you eligible they can invite you for a job interview


Job interview

  • Make sure you will come on time
  • Dress properly
  • Make a small research about the company you are applying to and the person who will be interviewing you
  • Thank them all at the end of interview


How to be a good employee?

  • Come to work on time
  • Get on well with your colleagues
  • Attend career courses and further education to step on the career leader


5.    Reasons to quit a job

  • Bad working conditions
  • Bad salary
  • They do not along with their boss
  • Long working hours, not flexible working hours, work overtime
  • Their job was only seasonal
  • They were fired
  • They are going on maternity leave
  • The were made redundant
  • The got a better job offer


6.    Unemployment

  • State when you are not employed
  • For a certain amount of time you are provided with social allowances from state
  • You usually have to lower your living standards and live more modestly
  • It is very inconvenient because when you are unemployed you tend to lose your qualification and it makes it even harder for you to find a job
  • In CR about 7% of people are unemployed
  • Situation is traditionally the worst in east Moravia and the best in Prague
  • Compared to countries bordering Czech Republic – we have lower unemployment than Slovakia and Poland but slightly higher than Germany and Austria
  • As to the EU countries –Spain has by far the highest unemployment, 25%, even worst when talking about young people – about 50% of graduates are not able to find a job
  • Therefore it is really important to choose a college when you will obtain that kind of education which would eventually lead you to a stable job


7.    My work experience

I have only did a short computer administrating job so far, I will be doing volunteering in France this summer repairing pathways in the hills of Savoy with a friend of mine


8.    My dream job

I would like to be an architect / developer someday


9.    Conclusion

Work is an essential part of our lives, vital to the economy of the household as well as the country

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