Zlín region – maturitní otázka



Otázka: Zlín region

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): _marty




The Zlín region is situated in the southeast part of Czech republic in Moravia. Its are of about 4 thousand quare kilometres makes it the third smallest region in our country. We can find there about 600 thousand inhabitants. There are 4 parts in this region and every part has his own capital city – Vsetín, Kroměříž, Uherské Hradiště and Zlín, which is the also capital city of Zlín region. We can also find rivers here – e.g. Morava, Bečva and Olšava. There is a lot of forests in our region and it also has many fields.



The Zlín region is well-known for its engineering companies, production of tyres (Barum Continental, which produce tyres all over the world), and other plastics or steel industries. In Zlín we can find many features – there is zoo (Zoo Lešná), film laboratories, Baťa houses, Baťa university, etc. Also there is several famous events – Film festival (where we can saw famous actors), Barum Czech rally Zlín (which is the one of the most difficult races in Europe, racers and fans love this race) and also Masters of rock (one of the biggest rock and metal festival in Europe)


Customes and traditions

The most of the towns has its own traditional Moravian custome and folk custome. One of the most famous tradition event. is The ride of the kings in Vlčnov.


Traditional meals and drinks

The most of the people produce their own plum brandy. Also there is a lot of breweries. In traditional food we can include fragály – Vsetín cakes, Vlčnovské vdolečky – also cakes, but small and other national meal like pork, dumplings and cabbage, chicken soup, gulash, etc.


Beauty spots

  • SPA Luhačovice, Rožnov pod Radhoštěm – open air museum, Buchlovice castle, Velehrad church, Modrá – open air museum


Uherský Brod

The settlement grew up into a town. It became a centre of trade as well as an important strategic point. The king Přemysl Otakar II. declared the town as a royal town and Uherský Brod was given many privileges.



  • John´s Hus´s Church – one of the oldest churches in our region
  • Masaryk square – you can find there beautiful fountain in the Baroque style
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