Advantages and disadvantages of being a teenager



Téma: Advantages and disadvantages of being a teenager

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Advantages and disadvantages of being a teenager as opposed to an adult

Teenage years are supposed to be the best years in your life. Although for some people this phase may be extremely difficult. You are not a child anymore, but neither an adult. Out of the blue you are discovering the real world and your new responsibilities. Are teenage years that good as everyone says? Or is it better to be an adult?

One of the biggest advantage is having a freedom. You can focus on yourself and your personal development. For example, you can try to improve in your hobbies or just relax. This may be harder to achieve as an adult with a family and a full-time job. Other benefit is that you have o lot of time compared to an adult. Teenagers usually do not have that many responsibilities and have school holidays.

A disadvantage of being a teenager is definitely finances. You wont always have the money to buy things you desire. You can ask for money from parents or if you want to be independent you can get a part-time job. In most cases, as an adult you have stable income. In addition, you will get overwhelmed by new responsibilities, which adults already experienced. For example, preparation and studying for graduation.

In conclusion, I would say that teenage years have many disadvantages and advantages. And it is the same with adulthood. I personally look more forward to be finally an adult.

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