Animal testing – essay (sloh)



Téma: Animal testing in cosmetics and medicines

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Monika


Is it necessary to use animals to test cosmetics and medicines?

The issue of using animals for medicine and cosmetic testing is a global problem. In almost all countries of the world that produce cosmetics and medicines, this topic is a question, to which an answer is still being sought. I chose this topic, because I use cosmetics products from drugstores and medicines from regular pharmacies and I started being interested in how these products are created. So, my questions are: Is this issue finally settled in some countries and animal testing is banned? How the Czech Republic solves this problem? How do I know, if cosmetics I use are tested on animals, or not?

Every year thousands of animals are killed because of testing cosmetics and medicines. Tested animals are injected with chemicals in the eyes, on the skin, forced to swallow or inhale them. All this, just for give consumers a choice of thousands of new products. The most used animals for testing cosmetics are mice, rats, pigs, and rabbits. In my opinion animal testing is not only a very cruel, but also not very reliable way of verifying the safety and quality of products. On the other hand, the animal testing process is financially acceptable for every brand.

As a result, many companies have already banned animal testing. There are other possibilities that can be used instead of animal experiments. These include cell and tissues experiments, an EYTEX screen test, used instead of terrible eye irritation test, or mathematical and computer models. These methods are expensive, but they have been shown to provide more credible and accurate data than animal testing. In the Czech Republic, this problem is still being solved, but the Czech market for cosmetic products and medicines contains both variants of products. Products tested on animals and products tested differently.  All of us have a choice….

Personally speaking, for a long time I overlooked this topic and bought products regardless of their origin. If you want to make sure, that your product is tested on animals or not, the only internationally valid and recognized certificate for cosmetics not tested on animals is the Human Cosmetic Standard (HCS). The symbol displayed on the products is a jumping rabbit.

The trend of animal testing worldwide is far from over. In large countries such as the USA or China this topic is an endless question. It’s the same in the Czech Republic, but no one can deny that this is a form of animal cruelty, and we should stop it.

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